Whiteboard Video Animation Masterclass

Want to create short video animation for marketing and advertising on the internet,
and also making passive income with whiteboard video animation skill?

"Here Is How I Create Stunning Animated Video For
My Facebook Advertising Campaigns That Gives Better
and High Conversion Using Whiteboard Video Animation
Secret That Reduce My Ads Spending Drastically. Also
How I Make Extra Income Monthly Offering My Video
Animation Skill As Service To Others And
Get Paid In Return.

You Don’t Need To Spend Fortune Or The Whole To Create Your Animated Video.
All It Requires Is Just 10-Minutes Or Less.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

From the desk of....
Oludele Atunnise.

There is no doubt, video ads media get more engagements and viewers across social media platforms and it also convert very well with online advert or embedded on a landing/sales page. The fastest plus cheapest way to create your product, service or business video with low budget is to make use of Whiteboard video animation.

What is whiteboard video animation?
......is the process of which an author physically draws and records an illustrated story using a whiteboard, or whiteboard-like surface, and marker pens. Also, an animated video is a creative medium that helps to fulfill the purpose of explaining your motives, business ideas and concepts with the help of short animation.

Importance of Whiteboard Video Animation?

  • It is an explainer medium
  • Advertising purpose
  • Marketing purpose
  • Awareness & branding purpose

Reason Why You Need Whiteboard Video Animation Skill

Whiteboard video animation skill will be helpful for you in these two major ways:
1. For Marketing and Advertisng Purpose: You can promote your service/product with explainer videos across all social media platforms such as Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youyube, Whatsapp, Telegram etc. (using paid or free advertising method).

2. For Make-Money and Business Purpose: With whiteboard video animation, you can make good money on the internet offering it as a service for other business owners in creating business promotional video and get paid. And this can be achieved selling your skill as a service to business owners, individuals, or on freelance platforms etc.

Why Video Is Better For Marketing On The Internet.

Below are few statistics and proofs that shows potentials of video marketing on social media (i.e. Facebook.com). This is a proof that many more people, organisation, marketer will be embracing video advert media to promote or advert on the internet. And whiteboard video animation best suit this purpose of short video creation for your video advertising on facebook and others.

What you need to get started?

All important requirement needed to create whiteboard video animation.

  • Be creative & innovative
  • Video script
  • Whiteboard video animation software

Samples Whiteboard Video Animation Project

Below are samples of whiteboard video animation projects, for better understanding of what whiteboard video animation is and how it can it can be utilized to our day to day business activities.

Who Needs Whiteboard Video Animation?

Group of people that will need the use of whiteboard video aimation skill or services. That is, Who to sell your video animation skill to as a service or product.

  • Social media advertising consultant
  • Online business owners such as:                                                                                                           - Information/affiliate marketer
               - E-commerce merchant
               - Blogger
               - Realtor
               - Copywriters
               - Network marketer
               - Forex traders
               - And other business that need business exposure

  • Individuals for event awareness such as birthday, wedding, meeting notice etc.

Where to sell your video animation skill

If you must make a good fortune offering whiteboard video animation as a service and get paid for your need.  You will need to know various platforms where you can showcase your skill and get paid in return. Below are the few platforms where to offer whiteboard video animation service and get paid.

  • Facebook Business Group
  • Whatsapp Business Group
  • Telegram Business Group
  • Email Business List
  • Freelance platforms such as:
    - Fiverr.com 
    - Upwork   
    - peopleperhour etc

Income Potential of Whiteboard Video Animation

Below are the few income potebtial of whiteboard video animation service on
#1 freelance website called fiverr.com

Whiteboard video animation is a skill required to promote your business, products or services across social media platforms to go viral thereby gaining market exposure and making more sales.

It is a known fact that facebook advert with video media convert better compare to image media advert. Not only that, visitors tend to watch short video of between 10-60 second to the end compare to longer ads video. Whiteboard video animation best suit this. With whiteboard video animation you can create a Facebook advert video media that will change your facebook advert conversion for better leads generation, purchase, like, views, comment etc

If you are into any of the following  online business you need to learnthis online skill.

Are you into ecommerce, information marketing, affiliate marketing, freelance, network marketing, blogging, real estate, forex trading, digital marketing etc

You need to learn or add this skill to your arsenal of knowledge to make extra income from it or use it to get better result from your business marketing on the internet. 

With whiteboard video animation skill, you can put your business on the high speed reaching more client sharing your video and making it go viral beyond your imagination either with paid or free advert plan. It is time you make your product, service or business go viral on social media platforms using whiteboard video animation to reach more clients.

That is why i am using this medium to invite you to join few lock people that that will be learning this special marketing skill.

Whiteboard video animation is a must have skill for every business person or marketer that want to scale-up their marketing strategy.


Whiteboard Video Animation Masterclass

Full Home Training Pack That Reveals How To Create Whiteboard Video Animation That You Can Use To Promote Your Product, Service or Business Across All Social Media Platform With A Short Video That Will Go Viral Thereby Sell More.


How to create whiteboard video animation in 10 minutes

How to edit your video for facebook/instagram advert.

How to edit your video image, text, colour etc

How to add background music to your video

How to create a preview of your video before you finally produce it.

How to remove watermark on your video

How to create unlimited video without watermark yet you don't need to upgrade your account.

How to share your video faster on social media platforms

How to create very light video of 1-3 megabyte.

How to get more clients sharing your sample videos on social media platforms.

And lots more


How To Convert Images To Marketing Video Within 3-Minutes

How To Convert Text Marketing Video Within 3-Minutes

Bonus Extra Worth Over (N50,000)

Sparkol Videoscribe PRO Edition 2.3
Whiteboard video Animation software

Whiteboard video animation editing software
        - Camstasia 7 
        - Free mobile video editing app

How To Enroll For The Masterclass

To enroll for this home training now... simply click order button below to grab the training at the launching price of N5000 before it finally move to the original price of N7,500.


You can either use this special skill to market or promote your product, service or business to reach more potential customers via any of your desire social media platforms using free or paid advert method.

Better still you can offer this skill as a service, training to other business owners, individuals to create business awareness/marketing video etc and get paid in return for your skill.

Infact this very skill will change your facebook advert conversion positively if you are the type that run facebook campaign. As it will make your campaign convert better either for leads generation, purchase, link click, views, comment or likes.

You have too many thing to gain enrolling for the Whiteboard Video Animation Masterclass Pack today.

You have the next 48-hour to grab this training at the launching price of N5000

Click the order button below before the countdown hit zero. After 48-hour the training price will be jacked up.

So grab this training at the discount price now.

Lest I Forget... I have a iron clad guaranteed that you will be able to shun out stunning short animated video within 72-hour of accessing and studying this training pack.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Here is How To Get Instant Access To
Whiteboard Video Animation Masterclass

Do not procrastinate because I will only allow 50 people to access these offer at the launch price of N5,000 before I jack up the price to what I think it's worth..

Today's Price: N5,000

Pay via ATM Card or Bank Deposit

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. You will receive access to the product immediately after you order - even if it's 1am!

By now, I honestly expect you to grab this offer with your two hands because you can finally get access to the smartest and the easiest way to start shunning out a stunning animated video to promote your offer on social media platform with either free or paid advert method.

And the good thing is that you don't even have to waste time to get the ball rolling.

More so, you are so sure that you are not only going to use this skill for yourself, but you can as well get paid offering it as a service to other business owner, individuals and others. 


If at this point, you are yet to click the order button up till now...

You Have A Decision To Make; Either Take The Bold Step
Or Maintain Status Quo

One of the two things below will happen but picture this as you make your decision.   

You procrastinate and do nothing and a few months from now, 

You are biting your lips in regret wishing you have spared yourself all the excuses and procrastination.

You don’t want that I’m sure   

And the other option is...

You get excited about this rare opportunity laid in your lap, you grab a slot among the 50 spots today  (even though it doesn’t seem convenient for you). And before the year ends, you're now a master of whiteboard video animation skill using it for yourself and getting paid offering it as a service to others.



Let me conclude with this quote:

"You Get Nothing Doing Nothing".  

But it will be wise if you chose to start doing something worthwhile.  


See you at the order page

Oludele Atunnise

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