March 26th, 2020

Finally Revealed The Easiest Way To Sell Any Products Or Services online!

Discover How To Use Niche Market Bloggging To Make At least N250,000 - N1million Monthly, Selling Any Products/Services On The Internet From The Comfort of Your Room Smiling To Bank Everyday!

Are you a professional in any of the following professions? Real estate manager (realtor), Car dealer, Beauty & make up artist, Network marketers, Caterer & event manager, Fashion designer, Photographers, Travel & tourist consultants, Journalist (print/media), Modeler, Teacher, Freelance broadcaster, Lecturer, Author/Writer, Columnist, Accountant/Financial Adviser, Stock broker, Engineers, Farmers, Insurance brokers, Bankers, Motivational speaker, Politicians, Social observer/analyst, NGO's, Clergy etc...

Bill Gates said and I quote
"it's either your business is online
or you are not in Business"

How To Leverage The Power Of Simple Blog

Today, and on this page, I'm going to reveal exactly how to use a simple blog to market any products or services and explode your revenues.

And this can be done by anyone. Whether you have a product or not, you can make incredible amount of money using blog to market, brand or promote any product or services on the internet.

Unfortunately, most corporate organisations in Nigeria are yet to understand the power of this system, and that is the advantage you have over them because you just stumbled onto this page.

If big organisations have the secret revealed on this page, there won't be need to employ marketers to go out in the field to source for clients, they will just get the clients themselves working from the comforts of their offices.

Fortunately for you, these companies with very deep pockets, do not have the slightest idea how to use this simple, yet very powerful online tool to dominate their market place.

But you do, because I will reveal the exact concept of how to create successful advertising using the power of simple blog right here on this page.

The Concept Of Using Blog To Sell
                 (A Real Life Story as narrated by a Mentor Joe)

I'm using my real life story to explain the concept of blogging here.

On one of the days I took my mother (now late) to the hospital to see a doctor at one of the teaching hospitals; before each patient sees the doctor, a dietician comes forward to teach the waiting patients how to eat healthy so that those who have diabetes and hypertension can change and maintain a new lifestyle that will guarantee a longer life while living with these diseases.

The dietician was actually teaching his audience how to eat local Nigerian foods that are healthy; and which foods to avoid etc.

I noticed 5 thing that I love about his presentation...

Number One the dietician was proficient and armed with very good information on healthy living. He provided an abundance of value through the life changing lecture he gave to his audience.

Number Two he spoke like an authority and had complete control of the audience attention throughout his delivery. I mean he was able to capture and hold the attention of his audience for as long as the talk lasted.

Number Three he made provisions for questions on the subject he discussed so that anyone could come up and ask. And many people did ask questions that I even benefited from the answers given by the dietician.

Number Four at the end of the free lecture, he recommended a healthy milk (Skimmed milk) for the obese, diabetic and hypertensive people and Cocoa drink which he happens to bring to the venue. He told his audience that this is the best type of food for them.

Number Five almost 50% of his audience bought the product he brought to the doctor's waiting room. There were about 63 people and 31 people bought the product he brought without the dietician making any persuasive effort to convince them to buy.

The true life scenario above is exactly how profitable blogging is done online.

So in a nutshell, profitable blogging is:

  1. Positioning yourself as an expert while providing value upfront to people for free.
  2. Capturing people's interest and attention while giving away quality information.
  3. Allowing for interactions and feedback with your audience using blog comments
  4. Recommending useful products targeted to the audience immediate needs.
  5. Making money from your recommendations

That is what blogging is all about...

Profitable blogging allows you to sell products to a targeted audience without trying to persuade them to buy. They buy because you have demonstrated the value of the product you are offering to their lives without asking for anything in return for the free information.

They buy because you have helped them to realize your product can help them solve their problems.

With a blog and the method described above, you can easily sell massive amounts of any product/service without forcing or putting in too much effort to convince people to buy any product.

See below Samples of website blog tailored for business to scale high the monthly revenue generation just writing problem solving articles periodically on their blog then leverage on the visitor to present their back end products/services that solve the problems they write about in their post.

success power media
My life saver Nigeria
naija wealth coach
weight loss in Nigeria
Linda Ikeji Blog
Naija Loaded


problem solving blogging strategy that guaranteed regular passive income 

 What is value added blogging?
Value added blogging simply means setting up a Blogsite that educates/teaches people on how to solve a particular problem in a particular internet niche market with appreciable audience that are ready to pay you in return for your back-end information/resources.

Discover How to use the Power of Blogging combine with email marketing secret, Facebook & Mini website to Upsell Your Products/Services on the Internet for Increasing Daily Income.

The secrets of smart Nigeria internet marketers that keeps putting money in their bank accounts daily

Who is Eligible to use value added blogging system?
Real estate manager (realtor), Car dealer, Beauty & make up artist, Network marketers, Caterer & event manager, Marketers, Fashion designer, Photographers, Travel & tourist expert, Journalist (print/media), Modeler, Teacher, Freelance broadcaster, Lecturer, Author/Writer, Newspaper Columnist, Radio/TV Presenters, Accountant/Financial Adviser, Stock broker, Engineers, Farmers, Insurance brokers, Bankers, Lawyer, Motivational speaker, Politicians, Social observer/analyst, NGO's, Clergy  etc.

If you are positive minded and believe in the future of your career, also fall in any categories of the professionals listed above and others that space could not allow us to write in this website you are eligible for this training pack.

What you will learn from this Home Training Video Pack

 As you can see from the picture above, the following shall be unveiled in the Home Training Video pack.

  •  How to setup professional blogsite in 72 hours or less that will convert maximally for your business, services or products.
  • How to design mini website in 60minutes to market any product or service either digital/physical, imported or local made 
  • Introduction to email marketing (list building secret) for recurrent/continuous monthly passive income if properly implemented (internet millionaires secret)
  • How to drive targeted traffic (audience) to your website from facebook (free/paid) and other traffic source on the internet. 
  •  How to monetize your blog/website business-way, leveraging on your blog visitors. 
  •  How to design blog ads banners that will serve as a bait/attraction to blog visitor to buy your back end products for monetization purpose. 
  •  And lots of other bonuses/freebie that will fast track your success setting up value added blog for your business, services or products

The Home training video pack is divided into 5 major session. As you can see from the image below. And each session comprises of at least three video training clips of 20mins minimum duration. 

With free bonus and tools that will be of great help to your success setting up your value added blog in 72 hours no matter who your are.

Are you ready to join the list of professionals, individuals, career persons, businesses that are already using the power of Niche Market Blogging to sell more on the internet. If you are seriously ready to scale up your income selling any products or services using the power of blog. This training package is for you.

Here Is What our clients Have To Say

'Lana Onalaja - Toronto, Canada
 Your dream of making money online is  incomplete without a blog and your desire for blog is just a wish without what Value Added Blogging System can offer. The instructor is proficient while the instruction is comprehensive and no-brainer. This blog Training is going to be a life changer for someone…
... I hope it’s you!

Service per excellent in blog development and making money opportunity blog setup. Customers satisfaction is great.
  Value Added Blogging System will surely help you to realize your dream blog come true with precision that guaranteed your money making on the internet using blog as a platform to realised that in a shortest possible time you can imagine.
 Segun Afolayan-(

Matthew Olorunnaiye-CAPRO Missionary
 I am a missionary with Capro ministry, but I have a burden to setup personal blog for the propagation of the missionary activities and other outreach to Africa countries. My idea was translated to a functional blog setup by (Mr. Atunnise and his team) their service was offered with competence and touch of excellence ,you will never have any regret buying into value added blogging system training pack. Our website and blogsite is and

When it come to professional blog setup and training Atunnise is proficient and efficient. He is a tutor to the core. Unveiling the nitty-gritty of how to setup professional blogsite that guaranteed regular and passive income for anybody that cares to be trained and ready to follow instructions. I recommend Value Added Blogging System for you, if you really want to learn how to be professionally running your blog to upsell your product/service to more clients/customers across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.-Adaeze Peace, Ibadan

Adaeze Peace

You have heard it all from the recommendation made by satified clients and friends. I would have love to organise a 1-day seminar charging you N5,000, but the truth is that the volume of what is loaded in this home training package cannot be delivered at any one day seminar even 2-day seminar.

If you attend a seminar on this subject matter, you could easily pay only =N=5,000 but two things will happen:

1. You will be there with at least 50 or more other people struggling to hear what the presenter is saying, and you may not.

What’s more?

Most importantly, hardly you can learn anything reasonable in one-day seminar because there’s no time! When you attend a seminar like that, nothing is explained in detail, and you will be with more questions than answers and feeling bad that your money has been wasted.

2. The “Value Added Blogging System” is well over 20 FULL video training that is divided into 5 major session. It’s like two months intensive training packaged into Home training video! Think about this, if you were to pay at least =N=5,000 per week for 8 weeks, it would have cost you at least =N=40,000!

I could have charged exactly that amount, =N=40,000 and still get it. But I’m admitting you to just sign up for only =N=15,000, meaning you enjoy…

A Savings of =N=25,000!

Think about that.

Would you rather spend your money to fail or invest it to succeed? I know you’re smart and you will choose the later option. So the ball is in your court.

If you want to go waste your time, go on ahead. Go for the =N=5,000 seminars on the same topic. The truth is that, you cannot grab anything in 1-day seminar on proper Blogging for business like the one packaged in this Home video training.

If you’re serious about building a real business, and learn from a real expert, enrol for this course right now!

Here’s How to enrol for the Value Added Blogging Home Training Video.

Your investment into the online downloadable version is just =N=15,000 discount price. This will go up to =N=25,000 soon.

Value Added Blogging System
To secure your Value Added Blogging System pay N15,000 
Instead of N25,000 for the training now

The time is ticking now!

Pay Today and secure this bonus for yourself

Bonus package
worth of N20,000 awaits First 10 people to Pay before
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Mini website design in 60 minutes -ebook (value N5000)
If you want to learn how to easily design a mini website to sell your products, then this ebook is the answer. This ebook contains step by step PDF guide on mini website creation like this one using Ms-front page by one of Nigeria talented website designer. No need to learn html, just a simple application on your computer to make a mini website in 60 minutes

Mini Website Design Video Course (Value = N7,500)
Learn how to use Front page to design websites using video tutorials. It's a video course I used to master mini web design and I also sell it on my website here for N5,500. 

Professional Blog setup with Blogger(value N5000)
Discover the hidden secret of how to setup a free professional blog like Linda Ikeji blog using blogger platform to setup celebrity, gossip, news and entertainment blog in 24 hours without writing codes and sell it on my website Here for N5,000

And other unannounced bonus -Tools (value N15000)
You shall also have access to other important tools that will be of great help to your blog design experience and internent marketing process that can be added to your arsenal of tools for your use in business.

Payment & Delivery Method

To take advantage of this discounted offer, Pay CASH or Do Online/internet Transfer into this bank accounts below and follow the instructions thereafter :

Bank Name - GTBank PLC
Account Name - Foresight Global Multiservices
Account Number - 002-992-1020


Bank Name - GTBank Plc
Account Name - Atunnise Oludele A.
Account Number - 003-648-3429


After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details to us through sms to 08188008252 or Email:

The subject of the email should be *Value Added Blogging pack*

The payment details you are to send are:

1. Your Full Name
2. Amount paid & Bank paid to
3. Teller Number (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
5. Your Phone Number
6. Your email address
7. Product code  *Value Added Blogging pack*
As soon as your payment is confirmed from the bank, a Download link of your *Value Added Blogging Pack* will be sent to your email address for Instant delivery and download immediately even in the midnight.

Secure your Value Added Blogging System pay N15,000 Instead of N25,000 for Instant Online Download version 
The time is ticking hurry now!

You have nothing to loose but just too many to gain grabbing once in a lifetime opportunity and see yourself joining the league of professionals, career persons and businessmen and women using the power of niche market blog to scale high their business patronage and profiting using internet platform. Considering the content of this training pack, it is what some internet so called guru will break into 5 different training packages and charge minimum of N5000 for each pack.

The training pack contain 6 session with over 20 video clips that teaches all you need to know about setting up value added blogsite: appearance/design, traffic generation, list building in a professional way, mini website design to upsell your back-end product i.e squeeze page, landing page and thank you page design, Ads banner design, Autoresponder setup and lots of other value added information that will position your website productivity and profiting from day one you setup.

Value Added Blogging System Training Pack
And you will thank me and yourself later
for the right decision you are taking today.

Are You Still Thinking About diving
into this opportunity?

Look you never know what may happen tomorrow:

If you have a job now, you could be retrenched tomorrow. I mean I don’t pray you get retrenched, but because you and I know that in life, nothing is guaranteed and nothing last forever, if it happens what will you do then? Especially in this time of recession that there is no job security in any organisation again. banks are closing down,daily, companies are downsizing everyday, unemployment is on increasse by the day.

How will you take care of your family? How will you pay your bills? Without another source of income, you are going to Be In Trouble!

So the wise thing now. Enrol for the “Value Added Blogging System” now and create a different, steady genuine source of income. One you can control.

Your destiny is on your hands. Seize it!


Oludele Atunnise

08188008252 Call/whatsapp (9 - 4.30pm Mon-Fri)(SMS24/7)

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