Discover How To Make At least 6-7 Figure Monthly Selling Imported or local Items On Ecommerce Sites like Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, Jiji etc. And How to setup Self-Host Ecommerce Site to sell your Products Online.......

"How I Make over 50k Weekly from Importing $0.50  -$5 Products and Resell  for at least N6,500 and ABOVE Using 7-Platforms with Over
80 Million Buyers
Here In Nigeria".

Monday, January 13th, 2020

From The Desk of Oludele Atunnise
Foresight Global Services

Read my success story below

Dear Friend,
The first advice I would give you is: "Please Pay Close Attention" to the details you are about to read on this page, simply because it will change your financial status. I now receive bank alert every Thursdays. At the last quarter of the year 2016, I came across a product on aliexpress and i perceived it will sell well in Nigeria becasue it solve a common problem that any Nigerians will be willing to pay for. The product is very cheap and light in weight , i order for a few pieces and offer it on Jumia at first at a very affordable price to see the reaction of people to it and within 2 week i sold the few piece i ordered from China. See below the price i got the item from china and how much is being sold on >>

I quickly order for more quantity of this product, the name of the product is called Magnetic Fuel saver. Don't worry I will show you where to get the product at more cheaper prices just make sure you read this article to the end. After getting this same product at a far cheap price of $0.75 I decided to Import just 20 pieces of this same product and sold them in less than 5 days. I was shocked at the rate people ordered for the product so I decided to order for 200 pieces and sold over 70 pieces in the month of March 2017 and made a whooping of N455,000.

Yes i mean sales from just 70 pair of the same product. See the proofs below>>



Now I was able to make that amount following this simple steps:

I look for hot product to sell?
Simple look for unique product that is already selling like crazy, Import and resell. In other to do that go to Konga or Jumia or dealdey. check the products on Sale and look for the best selling in any category of your choice.

Write down 5 to 10 of them. I already gave you 5 Hot products:
i. pasjel cream
ii. Self stirring mug
iii. Door/window security alarm
iv. car tracker
v. Tyre Inflator

I will reveal other 10 Hot selling products to you at the end of this letter. Once you have a list of hot products, the next thing is to head over to

Yes! This is one of the Import portal I used most because they sell products at a very cheap rate. The best part is that your money is secured, the seller doesn't get the money until you get your goods here In Nigeria.

But WAIT! before you head over to Aliexpress i can assure you that there are lot of Things you need to learn so that you won't get your finger burnt or make mistake or loose money, that's why you need to read this letter to the end because if you go straight to the website and order products without reading this letter to the end.

Two things will happen:

[+] You wont be able to pay for your goods
[+] you will have to wait for 30 days to 3 months to get your good doing it yourself.

So just keep reading to get the full gist.

After Sourcing What Next?

I place Order for the product and get it delivered in less than 7days....I am sure you don't know this before. You don't even have to wait for 30 to 60 days to get your goods in Nigeria or do you have anything to do with custom. The goods will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

How Much Are You Willing To Make Per Month
With 50million Ready Buyers?

Imagine having access to over 50million customers to sell to... That's exactly what this is. I Partner with Jumia, Konga, jiji and Dealdey to sell my products to their customers of over 50 million Nigerians. This is the best part, imagine you don't have to worry about how to sell your imported products, you might even be lucky to get orders before your goods arrived.

Imagine just selling to a fraction of this population that is hundreds of thousands in a month.
Importation is a highly PROFITABLE business you can start with between N15,000 - N20,000, in-fact it is the second best business after crude oil. I want to open your eye to this PROFITABLE business and give you my maximum support but before we start proper, see more proof below:

Proof of sales on Konga

Proof of sales on DealDey

Proof of self sales on my mini ecommerce site in 1day

Shipping waybills


I now receive bank alert every Thursdays from Jumia and all other days from other platforms and self delivery order across the nation from my self host mini ecommerce website.

The shocking part is that this company will handle shipment of your products to your buyers so you don't have to worry about that. Now if you go to konga or jumia website now, you cant see where to partner with them, but don't worry I will show you how you too can partner with them without having to pay any dime.

I mean you will become their partner for FREE.

After learning this tricks and new method of importation business I remember that i need to impart the knowledge to young or old Nigerian that will be willing to learn and change their financial status in the year 2017 recession notwithstanding. I remember how badly you want to start your own business and become financially independent. with the way things are going you don't have to depend on Government and you have to be responsible for anything that happens to you.

The Exact Business Secret of 
The Richest Man In Africa, 
Aliko Dangote!

Importation business is the  EXACT business model that Dangote used to kick start his Business empire. But in his own case Dangote started with importation of Cements, Sugar, Rice, flour and all other Commodities he noticed that Nigerians will always need and consume. But today his business worth is 25 Billion Dollars, according to Forbes Magazine.
The Same Business Secret of These Young Nigeria Millionaires
Patrick Ogidi
Afolabi Segun
Alim Olaide
Gbolagade Adetunji

I have decided to help just 100 People.....why?

Because this is new and you can't get this secret anywhere in Nigeria and I want to make just 100 people rich and be free from money problem.

Initially I said I'd put up a training or workshop where I will reveal this business to just 50 people ... But as I was thinking of this, I remembered those outside Lagos and other parts of the country.

and most people reading this would love to start Now and never wait a seconds once they have the means to the information needed
This would Not work if I'm to put an event...

So I Thought Of Alternative..

And the best thing I could do is to packaged this information a simple step by step home video guide that even secondary school student will be able to import his/her first pair of shoes with it.

This Guide is what I Called....

Millionaires Maker
Ecommerce & Importation 
Business Systems

Inside this Video guide, you will the discover:

  • How to identify hot selling in Nigeria without loosing your money.

  • The Exact Secret website where you can buy goods for $1 to $2 and resell for N6,500 to N10,000 Here in Nigeria.

  • 10 list of Hot in Demand Products that will always sell like pop-corn! ignore this and you will never make money from Importation business.

  • How to access outsourcing officer that will help to buy your product from China at factory i.e. 30-50% cheaper

  • How to Pay for your goods using your Nigerian Bank ATM card.

  • How to get your goods delivered to you in Nigeria in 2-7 days you don't even have to wait for 14 to 30 days to get it.....You have not heard about this before.

  • How to partner with Jumia, Konga, dealdey, etc for FREE and help you sell your goods to over 50 million Nigerians on their platform.

  • How to setup your own self host mini ecommerce site to sell your product

  • How to promote/advertise your products to millions of Nigerians with at bottom rock price

  • How to quickly ship your product to the buyers in their various state without any delay.

  • Secret of how to have 10-20 orders daily selling on your mini ecommerce site.

  • And lots more.......


Below Are Few Imported Order Arrival

Are You Sure I won't Be Scammed?

One sweet thing about these importation website is that; you're 100% secured, because if by chance you did not receive your item or if the item you receive falls below your expectation, you can report and have your money returned to your account within 72 hours:

You can see how secured and easy this business it. No matter what happens, you can always get your money back!

What’s are you waiting for?

Truth is, the only thing stopping you is your own doubt.

Admit it. You’re asking yourself things like…

• Will this system really work?

• Will this system really work for me?

• Should I trust this guy about what he’s telling me?

All good questions, of course.

But I can assure you that if you don't take action today, you might miss out of the lucky 100!

So if you want to be among the lucky 100 people, Order for your Own 3-in-1 Millionaires Maker Mini Importation Business System Now!

Why you should listen or learn from me?

I am proud to say I am a protégé of the following young Nigeria Mini Importation Magnates. I have learnt from them by observation, ebooks, home training video, seminar/workshop, webinar etc; on the subject matter. And this is the outcome of over 3-year of Mentorship of the  following importation millionaires and I still learn from them till tomorrow.

Why you should I invest into
3-in-1 Millionaires Maker
Mini Importation Business Systems?

Simple, it is the outcome of over 3 years practice of all I have learnt from people like Pat Ogidi, Olaide Alim,Gbolagade Adetunji, Afolabi Segun and I must tell you I'm still learn from these people daily.


See What People Have To Say About Me

I really don't make recommendation but if you are really serious about making good cash from importation business, then you need to grab 3in1 Millionaires Maker Mini Importation Busisness system. It guaranteed six figures weekly, even daily as you desire. Your investment will definitely worth it.

Olaide Alim
CEO My Sure Deal
Ikeja, Lagos

Mr. Atunnise is a friend, colleague in business and a protégé who is always eager to learn new tweak on the mini importation biz and other online business. I am just too confidence of his ability to impart adequate and deep knowledge needed to succeed doing Mini importation business that guaranteed 6-7figure weekly even daily if given the platform to demonstrate his wealth of knowledge acquired doing online  business. 3-in-1 Millionaires Maker mini Importation Business System answered all questions that may borders on how to start mini importation business from the comfort of your home. This Home video training is just too loaded it is value added training pack to anyone who cares to succeed doing mini importation business. Indeed it's millionaires maker pack for millions-minded newbies or geeks. Go and order your copy of  the pack Now!

Gbolagade Adetunji 
CEO Silver Platter
Ibadan, Oyo State

I got to know Mr. Atunnise through my Brother and mentor Gbolagade Adetunji (CEO Silver platter) in the year 2015. Ever since I know him he had been consistent with importation business even when it look like there is no future or anything working doing mini importation business. He can learn from anybody that have something new to offer to make the best out of the business through home training package from people of result. Therefore, I hereby recommend 3-in-1 Millionaires Maker mini importation business system. It is right training pack in the right time for as many that want to really make millions from mini importation business.
Yusuf Ibrahim

I remain loyal sir, you are always an encouragement to me. I always enjoy your mentorship when it comes to mini importation business. And I am sure this is another big bang for anyone that cares to make millions from mini importation business in the 2017 and beyond.if you are really serious about making it big from importation business, then you need to grab3-in-1 Millionaires Maker Mini Importation Busisness system. It guaranteed six figures weekly, even daily as you desire. Your investment will definitely worth it. I can boldly say you are in the right place with the right mentor

Ola Abdullahi
Osun State

Mr. Atunnise is a mentor par excellent. I have been privilege to be under his training class and I have never been once disappointed or fallen short of my expectation. What I have discovered is that, every time he produce a training pack, he over delivered. There is always value for your investment buying his training pack. Therefore, if you have not order for your 3-in-1 Millionaires maker mini importation business system, I will encourage you to quickly do so now.

Omolaja Daniel
Ojoo, Ibadan
Oyo State

Mr. Atunnise is a mentor that is up to the task of duplicating is result to anybody that cares to learn and be imparted by him with raw information on internet money making business especially when it comes to mini importation business that guaranteed 6-7 figure monthly income for anybody, anywhere I have been privilege to be taught by him I can say he has the quality it takes to teach to understanding and having result. If you care to make money from mini importation business go for 3-in-1 Millionaires maker mini importation business system, today and you will not regret you do so.

Adaeze Peace
Oyo State

If you fall into the category of the people listed below, this business is for you

    • If you are tired of your daily 8am-5pm tasking job or you want a new business you can do along side your current job.
  • If you are ready to change your level from zero to hero.
  • If you are unemployed, student, civil-servant, pastors, bankers, home-seater, retired, about to retire or you want to add to your source of income
  • If you want to stop calling your relatives to sending you money to pay your house rent, children school fee and to feed your family.
  • If you want to be totally FREE from financial crisis and be financially buoyant.

Just anyone can do this business, your current situation, profession or background is not a pre-requisite.

See What These People  Have To Say About 3-in-1 Millionaire Maker 
Video Training Pack They Bought.

More testimonies from another satisfied students

How Much is This Home Video Training Guide?

Considering the profit potential of this business and volumes of information and secrets at your disposal grabbing this home video training I think I should charge at least N25, 000. But I will not do that because I want you to get started as soon as possible so that there won't be any excuse for you not to order your first product next week. I won't even charge you N10,000, but as a way of helping and imparting you with adequate knowledge needed to succeed you will have to pay just N15,000 for instead of =N=25,000

For the first 10-person that will order for 3-in-1 Millionaires Maker today, you pay N15,000 instead on N25,000

Fast-Action Taker Value Added bonuses

Mini website designing 60minute step by step guide- (worth N5000)

Simple software to design your product sales mini website - (worth N5000)

20 List of Hot products that guarantee profiting-(worth N10,000)  

Direct contacts of china outsourcing agents- (worth N10,000)

Direct contact of Logistic companies that will ship from china to Nigeria- (worth N10,000)

Direct contact of Top Courier companies  in Nigeria that will ship your product to customers anywhere in Nigeria offering pay on delivery(worth N10,000)

How To Order For 3in1 Millionaires Maker
Home Training Pack Pay N15,000 Only Instead Of N25,000

To take advantage of this discounted offer, Pay CASH or Do Online/internet Transfer into this bank accounts below and follow the instructions thereafter :

Bank Name - GTBank PLC
Account Name - Foresight Global Multiservices
Account Number - 002-992-1020


Account Name - Atunnise Oludele A.
Account Number - 003-648-3429


After making the payment, make sure you send your payment details to us through sms to 08188008252 or Email:

The subject of the email should be *3in1 Millionaires Maker Training Package*

PLEASE NOTE - As soon as your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email/sms acknowledgment from us. Your Package will be delivered via online download link(s) within 12-hour of payment.

For Instant Online Payment and Download anytime of the day, even at 12 midnight with your ATM card.

Use our Online secured ATM Payment 

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the DOWNLOAD page. No waiting, No delays!

PSS:You have nothing to loose but just too many to gain grabbing this once in a lifetime opportunity and see yourself joining the league of potential millionaires doing Mini importation business. Considering the content of this training pack, it is what some internet so called guru will break into 3 different training packages and charge minimum of N10,000 for each part. The training pack contain 3 session of over 15 video clips that teaches all you need to know about importation business selling on ecommerce, setting up self host ecommerce site and how to successfully promote your site for massive orders from potential buyers across the states of the federation and also how to engage the service of reliable, fast and affordable logistic company that will help to deliver your items to your customer no matter their location in Nigeria in a record time and remitting your proceed to your bank account without any delay.

What Are You still waiting For?

Go Ahead And Make Payment For Your Package Now! 
3in1 Millionaires maker Mini Importation Business System Home Training Pack
You will thank yourself later for the right decision you are taking today.

No more story, time is ticking go and order now by clicking on the order button below.

Your ecommerce Mentor,
Oludele Atunnise
08188008252 call/whatsapp (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

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