Give Me Just 30 Days, And I will Show You
In Practical Details How To Successfully Setup
Your Affiliate Online Business From The Scratch

 That Will
Spit Out 6 to 7 Figures In Cash
Every Single Month Even If You're a Newbie.

October 31st, 2019

Dear friend,

My name is Oludele Atunnise. A Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Ecom Merchant & Tutor.

Here's my business and training plan for you this month and beyond.

Often time i have seen many people struggling to start or make progress in setting up their affiliate business on the internet.

The images below shows the experience of many newbie or beginner that daily joined one of the trending affiliate platform here in Nigeria.

If you are a newbie to internet business and you have joined or any other affiliate platform and you're stucked like one of the people in the above image.

You had bought one or two affiliate business training package but everything look alien to you from start to the end, it is not your fault.

Most trainings out there, are often intermediate learner inclined, i mean it is packaged in a way that didn't consider the plight of the newbies/beginners or inexperience students of the training.

Sometime the training tutorial are not that simplified for newbies to easily grab.

Are you looking up to a day that you will have an earning testimonial like the ones below as regard your affiliate business online?

The above testimonials and proofs of earnings are possible and can be reproduced by anyone who care to know how. Many people know what can fetch them good extra money on the internet but very few knew how to duplicate the result of the people they look up to for result.

Many know how but they have difficulty in getting it done as a newbie/beginner and inexperience student because there is no one to teach them or come down to their level of undersatnding on the business setup tutorial.

Among other challenging tasks you may face setting up your affiliate business as a newbie without a mentor by your side include:

1. Sales funnel set up (i.e. How to use page builder such as instabuilder, elementor and others to design your pages like pre-sell page, squeeze page , thank you page etc)

Not only that, how to link each page to one another such as linking pre-sell page to squeeze page and squeeze page to thank you page and from thank you page to the product sales/video page.

It is a difficult task for many newbies to easily setup the squeeze page with their autoresponder html/java code on the page. This alone could take you days if care is not taken as a result of complication while setting up the squeeze page.

2. Driving Traffic To Offers (i.e. Facebook ad setup and other traffic generation source)

This is another daunting task that may render your previous efforts totally useless,unprofitable and discouraging if you don't know how to go about it professionally and technically.

Making money from your affiliate business setup is solely dependent on how successful you are with your traffic generation source.

And facebook had proved to be the first point of contact for every newbie that want to generate traffic to their offer at a pocket friendly budget.

Now only that, facebook have your potential audience on it platform either by age, location, interest, marital status and other targeting parameters.

That is why it is advisable you consider facebook first as your traffic source. But you need to master simple and effective advertising on facebook.

Among other thing that constitute challenges for many newbie to affiliate business that want to use facebook platform as their traffic source;
i. Advert objective to choose from
ii. Facebook pixel setup, event configuration and installation
iii. Getting attractive ad picture/video
iv. Avoiding words that may trigger fb banned hammer
v. Using facebook audience insight
vi. Compelling ad copy and headline etc

3. List Building & Email marketing
This is another sensitive part of making money from affiliate marketing business. If you are not ready to learn email marketing and spend on it, it is not sure you will make a dime from your affiliate business. Even when your sales funnel and advert is superb.


There is this common statement and it's the truth

"There is money in the list"

Email marketing revolve around building list of potential buyers, followup on them with educative automated emails from zero minute they subscribed to your list and strategically pitch your product or service to them to wrap up your letter.

And later in the future you can engage them with your regular educating email newsletter to up sell, down-sell or introduce a related product/service to them having buy or yet to buy from you.

To do this you will need to setup your email marketing account using any autoresponder platform such as aweber, getresponse, trafficwave etc

I have seeing a lot of newbies finding it difficult to setup their autoresponder account and integrate it with their squeeze page.


Once  again.....

These are the three main secret to successfully setup your affiliate business online

i. Sales funnel setup

ii. Driving Traffic To Offers 

iii. List Building & Email marketing

Many newbies or beginners find it difficult on how to get started and master these effectively and efficiently.

If you're looking for down to the heart practical training that put newbies, beginners or inexperience students into consideration. Your search is over.

I will hold you by the hand and show you practical steps to implement the above in a short record time from now even if you're a newbie that has never try any of this

Give me 30-Days i will teach you how to successfully setup you affiliate business in a practical term that is newbies and beginners compliance.

That is why i am inviting you to.....

Affiliate Business Live Virtual
Mentorship  with Oludele

A 4-Week Online Mentorship Live Training
How To Setup a Successful Affiliate Business From The Scratch That Fast-Track Your Money Making Experience With Affiliate Marketing Online.

Who Should Attend This Training?

  • Newbies or inexperience  student to affiliate marketing or online money making
  • If you are struggling to setup your sales funnel
  • If you want to know more about email marketing
  • If you are not comfortable with your facebook ad setup

The Training Outline
This online live mentorship is for newbies, beginners and inexperienced students who want to learn how to make money online from scratch with Affiliate Marketing business setup

Market  Research &

  • Intro to affiliate markeitng
  • Requirements
  • Niche selection (hot selling affiliate products)
  • Intro to affiliate network (expertnaire)
  • Domain name & hosting
  • Installation of software and plugins
  • Cloning or shortening your affiliate or refferal links
  • Intro to webpage builder
  • Page building/design
        - Pre-sell page
        - Squeeze page
        - Thank you page
  • Link your pages to one another
  • Question & Answer
  • Assignment before next class

Autoresponder & Email Marketing

  • Intro to Autoresponder
  • Autoresponder account setup
  • Creating email autoresponder
  • Creating your first email list
  • Creating your squeeze page form from the scratch
  • Writing automated email follow ups that converts
  • Creating email newsletter
  • Installing optin form on the squeeze page
  • Test run the form and automated emails
  • Question & Answer
  • Assignment for next class

Traffic Generation From Facebook

  • Intro to facebook advert
  • Fb Ad sample (swipe files)
  • Facebook business account setup
  • Fanpage   
  • Facebook audience insight
  • Facebook pixel setup/configuration for   
       - Lead event
       - Purchase event
  • Facebook pixel installation on your webpage
     - Manual method
     - Automated method
  • Question & Answer
  • Assignment before next class

Facebook Traffic & Class Recap

Continue from last class.

  • Facebook Advert setup
        - Ads objective
        - Ads targeting
        - Ads Budget
        - Ads Media
  • Recap & Summary of the work done so far
  • Question & Answer
  • Final Assignment
  • Intro of the Inner circle affiliate telegram group
  • Expectation in 30-days time.

Bonuses for all participant

  • Facebook ads swipe files (worth N5,000)
  • Facebook ads audience insight video (worth N10,000)
  • Facebook interest checklist PDF (worth N5,000)
  • Access to my inner circle affiliate business telegram group
  • And lots of other unannounced bonuses

How Much Is The Enrollment Fee?

The enrollment for this 30-day live virtual mentorship program is N30,000 and it is open to only 10 students per session

Do you want to join in the forth coming online coaching class with Oludele Atunnise as your mentor and coach?

Then get started immediately by registering using any of the payment links below to secure your slot for this live virtual mentorship program for this month...

Remember, this is an online mentorship class that will be live stream online to you. All you need to do is to join the class when the class is on live. And in case you missed the class a replay will be made available to watch/download.

Assignment will be given at the end of each training session to be submitted or communicated via a dedicated communication medium such as email or telegram channel.

Do you want to be successful setting up your affiliate business this year and beyond, then you have to join and learn this online evergreen business that is guaranteed to end your money making struggles and frustration on the internet. You have no EXCUSE to be frustrated.


Because that is the only way you can guarantee yourself of a regular, recurring monthly income every year.

Knowledge is POWER, applied knowledge.

Additional information
You will need extra budget for domain name & hosting
- N5,500 for domain name & hosting registration
- N10,000 for expertnaire 1year subscription if you are not a registered member
- At least N2,000 for initial facebook advert budget

In conclusion, if you want to fast-track your affiliate business setup within the next 30-day operating like professionals this live training is for you to get started today with your affiliate online business.

To make payment and secure your seat now, click the button below

Don't forget, we plan to accommodate just 10 people for effective and efficient training delivery.

Time is ticking, secure your slot now!

Too late! check out for next training session. Or
contact the admin via
for next training session

Registration for this live virtual will close immediately the 10 slot is taken on or before the timer expires or hit zero count.

So use any of the payment method by clicking any of the applicable button below to make payment now and reserve your seat.

This live virtual online coaching program is a one time event, and the very first one in the years. If you miss it, you would have missed out on a life changing opportunity to learn what works online this year and beyond. You can end and start the year stronger with this live training.

Endeavour not to miss out on this wonderful, and financial empowerment program.

Get started today. Choose to be part of this training program and you won't regret you.


To your success,

Oludele Atunnise
Your Tutor
088188008252 [Line Open 10am - 5pm Only]

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