Landing Page Secret To Massive Sales Online

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Have you tried all you could to make sales online selling your digital or physical product, you have tried using many marketing method to make sales. 

May be you have try buying WhatsApp contact gain, or you have bought email address, you have run Facebook advert and WhatsApp TV advert directly to your DM, WhatsApp group or messenger and all to no avail.

You make no or low sales.

You are confused and frustrated already not knowing what else to do.

There is one more thing you have failed to realize when setting up your ads campaign or sales funnel. 

Your sales funnel may be wrong...

You're fond of promoting directly to your whatsApp DM which may sound good to get started as a startup business owner doing affiliate, ecommerce, coach, networking etc but you can't compare your result promoting to landing page to qualify your prospect before they finally come to your dm.

This method is as good as not having business online, it is good for test the acceptability of your offer and immediately you confirm that you need a perfect and sustainable sales funnel.


You need something like the one below


The main reason why many marketer don't use landing page sales funnel for their campaign online is either of these reasons

1. They don't know the importance of landing page to their sales

2. They don 't have basic knowledge of how to create a landing page that convert

3. They may lack budget or money required to setup a landing page (outsourcing it or do it yourself) or

4. They may b e lazy to sit down to put in the work required 

But I have good news for you if you have read this far and your reason is within 1-3, their is a wy forward...

Shortly I will unveil to you why you need a landing page for your business online, what is require to setup a landing page and in closing I will share a video further explain how to get started with creation of landing page for business at now extra cost.

Why on earth do I need landing page?
Let me answer by defining what landing page is..

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or advert from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp TV or Status, Google, YouTube, Twitter, or similar places on the web.

Types of landing page
- Presell landing page
- Squeeze/Optin landing page
- Sales landing page
- Thank you landing page

Here are few reason why you need landing page for your business online
1. Effective way to building leads
2. To warm up visitors for easier conversions
3. It helps to focus on your objective
4. It reinforce benefits
5. It builds buying confidence and trust of your prospects
6. And lots more

But you will to need the following
- Domain name
- Web hosting plan
- Page builder software

The above will cost some fortune if you're outsourcing your landing page creation or doing it yourself

But wait....

Here is an opportunity for you to start creating landing page for your products digital or physical without spending a dime on domain name, hosting plan and page builder software.


Having see the importance of landing page to your business success online converting prospects to buyer using landing page.

I want to share with you short video that reveal how to get started creating stunning landing page for your product either physical or digital without spending a dime on domain name, hosting plan and page builder software.  

There is a free video presentation you must watch before you run any advert campaign on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp TV etc. There is what you need to know about how to engineer landing page with ads campaign for more sales and conversion. 

This video will not be available forever, it can be pulled down anytime soon.


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