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Online store 

Hello, welcome to internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise and also welcome to episode six of our business training. I believe you are getting enlightened on the importance of internet to our business.

Today we shall continue with selling physical product on the internet using online stores.

You can sell both local made and imported physical products using your own online store. A quick reminder of herbalist I mentioned in the episode three of the business talk. How he has been able to sell his herbal lines of product on the internet using online store plus Facebook to drive tons of visitors/potential buyers to his online store. Toconfirm my claim you can take your time to visit the herbalist online store at
As at the time of recording this audio clip, he had sold over 2000 unit of the products at an average cost of N20,000 each amount to over N40million sales in 3 month

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If herbalist can leverage on the internet using online store to sell his physical herbal products, who then say you cannot use the same to sell your cakes, shoes, clothes, farm produces such as ram/goat, grass-cutter, catfish, chicken, yam, watermelon, plantains etc, cars, real estate/properties, canteen/restaurant, transport & logistics, furnitures, computer/accessories and many more

You can see now that, there is no limitation to physical products you can sell on the internet using online store combine with an effective online marketing strategy to reach your potential customers/clients across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Now.. Why do you need an online store
1. You sell 24/7 to customers
2. You can sell 2 or more related products to buyer
3. You can determine your price and payment method
4. You build a brand, trust and authority around your products
5. Satisfied customers always come back to your store
6. You enjoy referral through satisfied customers
7. You can build a community of loyal customers
8. You can offer promo, flash sales etc through remarketing

What do you need to setup an online store

* You must have your products ready in stock either local made or imported
* You will need a domain name & hosting plan
* You will need an online store design software
* You will need an online store plugin, theme and others
* You must have your products image, title, description, price and others
* You will need to partner with online payment gateway
* You will need to partner with a courier company for delivery of products to your customers nationwide.
Examples of online store
www.discreethajiya.comwww.ileoja.comwww.g2amall.com,, etc

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How to setup your own online store
1. Do it yourself(I.e. learn how to do it)
2. Outsource it to expert at a given price tag. At foresight global Multiservices, we offer
* Training on how to do it yourself
* And also help to setup your desire online store  within 14 days at a pocket friend price ranging from 35k and above depending on your preference. For detail on this you can visit our offer sales page at and

If you want to dominate your marketing via internet consider setting up an online store for your products. If herbalist is using online store to sell massively on the internet, you can do better with your products position it to potential buyers. You can start now following the procedure explained in today training.

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Until I come your way in the next episode with another educating topic I remain your anchor Oludele Atunnise

Don’t forget internet is too loaded with FORTUNE tap into it today.. Bye.

Listen to today’s episode now

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