internet business secret,how to make money on the internet, mini imporation, internet business idea, information marketing, ecommerce, pat ogidi, Tony elumeluThe only way to make money on the internet. Hello, welcome to Internet Business talk with Oludele Atunnise. Also welcome to episode four of the internet business talk. Many times I receive questions from newbies on “How to legitimately make money on the INTERNET”. Without hesitation, I have an ever ready answer to give to person in question. And my answer has always be “sell a product or service” if you must make money on the internet. The next question is what type of product/service can I sell on the internet? My response is sell physical or digital product or service period! This shall be our focus of discussion in this episode, come along with me.

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Selling physical or digital product and service, what does it entail?

Selling physical products involved selling of tangible, visible or touchable product/service such as electronics, home appliance, toiletries, wears, books, jewelries, shoes, cars, food stuff & provisions, farm produce etc which can be delivered anywhere in the country with the help of courier companies that offer pay on delivery service.

Selling physical services involved selling tangible or visible service that requires your physical presence or representative to deliver base on demand. And such services include rental service, hotel & hospitality, teaching and tutorial, car hire, hired driver, transport & logistics, motivational speaking, realtor/estate agency, tour & traveling, artisan and other professional services etc.

Selling digital product/service, this involve converting physical products/services to digital format i.e. internet downloadable or readable format such as eBook, audio, video, email newsletter, membership website, webinar etc. Digital products/services are not tangible or touchable but visible. People in service driven business are highly at advantage to this kind of product/service selling method.

If your product or service falls into any of the two categories you can take it to the internet for massive patronage from online audience of over 20million that may be interested in such product/service.

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Advantages of selling your product/service on the internet

* Access to more potential customers/ clients beyond your location

* Your product/service is 24\7 open and accessible to potential customers/clients

* You become authority and voice in the marketplace

* You can use other people’s money, time and brain/idea to sell more

* You can beat your competitors in the business; thereby remain relevant for a long time.

Differences between selling digital and physical product

First of all, there is no business, service or product that cannot be translated/converted to digital format (i.e. eBook, video, audio, Webinar, newsletter etc). It’s all begins with mindset and perspective about the use of internet. And that is one of the reasons for this platform Internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise.

For example, as a farmer you can package an eBook on a step by step tutorial on how to make big money from cultivating/rearing a particular farm produce such as watermelon cultivation, rice cultivation, Pig farming, grass cutters etc. (My watermelon cultivation experience in 2015, you can read more from my business blog then search for watermelon). Or as a lawyer an eBook tutorial how to win house rent case against your landlord and get heavily compensated.

The same goes for realtor/estate agent, teachers, lecturers, health workers, artist, politicians, building contractor, engineers etc. You can go digital with your product or service.

Back to difference between digital and physical product/service

  1. Digital product is produce once and sells again and again while physical product has to be reproduced again and again to keep selling again and again.
  2. Digital product can be shipped/sent to buyers at zero cost while physical products incur shipping cost every time there is a request for such product/service.
  3. Digital product requires low cost to setup while physical product require tangible amount of money to start.
  4. Digital product can be sent via internet such as email or web page but physical has to be sent via courier service
  5. You don’t need office to sell digital product but you will need one to sell your physical product

And lots more as the list is endless.

How to start selling physical or digital product/service on the internet?

Internet is a marketplace for all kinds of businesses, products and services. Your kind of business, product or service will go a long way to determine how to position and project yourself and your product either physical or digital.

To start selling digital product, it will require the following:

  1. Proper training on information marketing skill
  2. You must have a skill/expertise that can be converted or translated to digital product or you learn one.

iii. Your anticipated digital product must solve a problem that huge number of people are looking for solution and willing to pay for. E.g. How to make more money, how to cure diabetes, how to get rid of unwanted skin blemish, child security against kidnappers or lost etc.

i. Word editor (Microsoft word 2007 and above)
ii. PDF converter for eBook creation or recorder for audio/video
iii. Email address
iv.  Facebook account
v. Domain name/web hosting plan
vi. Website design software
vii. Autoresponder account for email marketing

This is one way anybody can sell his/her skill, expertise or experience on the internet. You want to learn more about this, go to

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To start selling physical product, it is either you’re selling any kind of local made products or imported products ranging from automobile accessories, fashion, make-up, health and beauty, kitchen ware, household appliances etc. You can sell your physical product via any of the following:

  1. Social media ( Facebook, instagram, what’s app etc)
  2. Established ecommerce websites such as jumia, Konga, dealdey, jiji, olx, amazon, eBay, alibaba etc
  3. Mini web sales page
  4. Mini professional ecommerce website

You want to start mini importation/ecommerce business on the internet? You can visit register and you will receive free video training via your email directly from me in the next 5 to 7 days.

To conclude today’s business talk, internet is a marketplace platform and you must be selling something to really make money on the internet. Either physical or digital products.

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As usual internet is loaded with FORTUNES tap into it today!

See you in the next episode of internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise. Bye.

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