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Hello, welcome to internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise and also welcome to episode ten of our business training. Wealth creation strategies. It is a form of book review which is going to be another dimension that we shall be adding to business talk with Oludele Atunnise. We shall be doing book extra on business, entrepreneur and money making opportunities both online or offline. Today we shall do a book extra on the book titled ACTION by George Praise.

Develop yourself in the area of your core competence, expertise and passion .Write a mission statement for your life, career or enterprise. Become exceptional in your present job or business. Be committed to excellence.

Focus your energies on a primary source of income. Sit down with your PSI until it becomes a money tree.

Develop MSI’s-Multiple Sources of Income. Invest in real estate, stock, bonds, mutual funds, intellectual property and other innovative money spinning business. Don’t depend on your salary no matter how much you earn. Learn to create residual income with your investment so that whether you are awake or asleep, you will still be making money.

Listen to today’s episode now

Learn how to sell Anything to Anyone. The most important skill you require to create wealth is your ability to negotiate and sell.

Wealthy people accumulate assets, What puts money in your pocket] and avoid liabilities (What removes money from your pocket). Learn to do the same and you will become wealthy.

In your business, set up systems which produce predictable results. Employ, train and work with an excellent team. Build your business with a plan to eventually sell it. Always have an exist plan in mind.

Build positive relationships .You requires the assistance of quality people to create wealth. Develop, maintain and expand your networks. The more people you know, the easier it is for you to connect with money making opportunities.
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