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Solution provider

Hello, welcome to internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise and also welcome to episode seven of our business training. I believe you are getting enlightened on the importance of internet to our business.

Today we shall continue with selling product on the internet and our focus shall be on How to create an online presence as a solution provider. .

Who is a solution provider?

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These are professionals or expertises that provide solution to daily needs of humanity. And could be inform of products/services ranging from spirituality, advice/counsel, training/coaching, supervising, consultancy, business development etc.

If you are a professional such as teacher, Pastor/Alfa (i.e. clergymen), Marriage counselor, Lawyer, Realtor/real estate agent, Financial expert, Health worker, Network marketer, Security personnel, Caterer, Photographer etc. Today’s business talk is for you on how to create online presence for your product/service as a solution provider.

Why the need for online presence?

What are the people perception, knowledge and understanding about your product/service in the market place? No matter the perception, understanding or knowledge of the people the fact remain you need to create a platform to show or correct negative impression or improve on the positive impression about your business, products or services.

For instance, people’s perceptions about real estate business sector is; it’s full of scam, fraud, manipulation and lack of trust (please I stand be corrected). But the good news is that you can create a niche for your real estate and properties business with an online presence.

You are excited right, the question now is how?

How to create an online presence and win people’s trust

  1. Set up a social business account such as 

* Facebook fanpage/group
* Twitter business handle
* Instagram business
* Whatsapp business group etc

  1. Set up real estate/properties solution blog like that of www.omonilelawyer.comto build trust from visitors and readers of your blog
  2. Set up an online store or classified real estate website for genuine properties sales like that of
  3. Run a few Facebook advert to potential readers, client/buyers across the States/cities in your country
  4. Build list of loyal website/blog visitors over time

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Having done the above, you can monetize your website/blog with related product/service adverts banner or deals in turn to sealing several deals without stress.

Doing the above, you have opened your business to boundless and unlimited business deal with internet platforms.

This same method will work for any solution providing products/services be it travel & study abroad, marriage counselor, catering/event management, gym/fitness manager, network marketer, lawyer, photographer/modeling, clergymen and lot more..

Create an online presence through those platforms mentioned above with intention to teach, enlighten and provide solution to the problem reason why they follow or visit your website/blog and in turn position your premium products/services to solve the problem without compromising standard or integrity.

Should you want to know more on how to setup or create an online presence for your business, products or services setting up a blog like that of we training or do for me service. You can contact us on 08188008252.

Just any business can create an online presence for it products or services with proper knowledge in place.

Don’t forget… Internet is loaded with FORTUNE tap into it today!

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Talk to you in the next episode internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise.

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