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Hello welcome to Internet business talk with Oludele Atunnise and also welcome to episode five of this business audio talk. Last episode, we started a discussion on the topic “one way to make money on the internet” i.e. selling product/service either physical/digital. If you missed last episode, please visit our podcast webpage to listen and read full detail of last episode.
We have established the fact that you must be selling something to make money on the internet. Product or service which could be in physical or digital form.

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Today our discussion shall be on selling physical product with mini importation/ecommerce business.

What is mini importation?
Act of buying from other country what is in high demand in the market place of your native country doing this in a small scale without going through the rigor of the conventional importation problems such as clearing, custom duty, license etc doing it from the  comfort of your room with your computer/tab.

Why mini importation?
You are meeting needs of people demand for a particular product/item not readily available in the country and for profit making

What is ecommerce?
Act of buying and selling using internet as a platform to achieve this without leaving the comfort of your location executing your transaction.

Examples of ecommerce websites, etc

Profit potential of ecommerce sites in Nigeria
According to a report on the internet, jumia recorded over 74 million euro sales in the first quarter of 2017 making it worth $1 billion while Konga worth $34 million. The likes of jiji, olx, dealdey etc are also thriving with millions naira monthly revenue.

Steps involved starting mini importation/ecommerce business
1. You will need products/items to sell on the internet
2. You will need to decide where to sell it, either on established ecommerce site like jumia, konga etc or setup your own ecommerce site
3. Register as a merchant on the established ecommerce site or setup your own ecommerce site.
4. Upload your products/items to start selling

Mini Importation Business Method
We have two major ways of doing mini importation biz
i. Common earners business method
This entails…..Go to, search and pay for item, chosen free shipping that will take 30-60days to arrive Naija with no clue of how to quickly sell it leading to frustration, confusion and business failure making 4figure income monthly or none at all.
ii. Smart earners business method
This entails….Go the smart way of doing the business to realize 6-7 figure monthly income. This involve buying problem solving product that will sell even before it arrive naija, using outsourcing to buy from a secret website that sell 40-50% cheaper compare to aliexpress, shipping from China to Nigeria in 3-7days yet cheaper and faster compare to what DHL, FEDEX will offer without custom palaver, how to sell your product on 5-6 different platforms that opens your product to over 50million Nigerians at over 500% ROI. And finally speedy delivery to buyers
anywhere in Nigeria without delay and prompt remittance of your money to your bank account without leaving the comfort of your house.

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How to start mini importation/ecommerce biz
You can start mini importation/ecommerce business from the comfort of your room doing it from anywhere in the world or Nigeria following these steps:
* You need proper training for any business you will put your money into.
* knowing what to buy that sell in Nigeria market place like popcorn *peculiar products*
* knowing where to buy from cheaper
* knowing how to buy without losing your money
or been scammed
* knowing how to buy at more cheaper price and sell for higher profit
* knowing how to pay with naira without using your ATM card paying directly to china purchasing agent naira account here in Nigeria
* knowing how to ship to Nigeria at a  bottom rock price within 2-7days compare to DHL, FEDEX,UPS etc
* knowing how to sell for profit on (established ecommerce sites, self host mini ecommerce site,
Facebook/instagram, professional ecommerce site setup).
* knowing how to deliver to your customers anywhere in Nigeria collecting your money using POD via a reliable courier company.

What you must buy/sell
To thrive and make success doing mini importation/ecommerce business, what you buy/sell is a major factor to your business success. That’s why you must understand what to buy and sell. My advice is that you buy and sell
* Problem solving products/items
* Peculiar/trending products/items
* Sell niche market products/items such as health/beauty, security/defense, convenient, skin care, hair care, eyes care, sexual enhancement etc
How to maximize profit doing mini importation/ecommerce business
If maximum profit is your desire doing this business, you must the following setting up mini importation/ecommerce business.
1. Get proper training on mini importation business like the one on
2. Be ready to utilize all available selling platforms/methods that guarantee daily sales
3. Plan to setup niche import business using funnel system
4. Also embrace setting up niche/general import business using mini professional ecommerce website. We offer training and service on how to setup mini professional ecommerce website like that of,,, at a moderate price. You can contact us on 08188008252 for training or do for me service.

Who can do this business?

+ If you are tired of your daily 8am-5pm tasking job
+ If you want to stop calling your relatives to sending you money to pay your house rent, school fee, feeding etc.
+ If you want to be totally FREE from financial crisis
+ Stay at home mom
+ Unemployed/jobless person
+ Retiree or about to retire
+ And anybody that want a side business that will
compliment his present income.
+ Just anybody that desires extra income using the internet.
If you fall into any of the above category of people
mentioned above you need to visit for more details

I believe you have learnt something new today selling physical product via mini importation/ecommerce.

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Until I come your way in the next episode with another educating topic I remain your anchor Oludele Atunnise

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