internet business, ponzi cheme, online investment scheme, mmm, pyramid scheme, online survey, network marketing, affiliate marketing, making money, internet business opportunity, mini importation, website design, blogging, facebook advert, googgle adword, internet radio, internet business podcastWelcome to Internet Business Talk with Oludele Atunnise, and welcome to episode three of our weekly internet business talk. Today we shall begin an adventure into internet business models. But before then, we need a clarification on some salient issues as regard doing internet business.

Let me start with the requirements for running a successful internet business. You will need to have the following

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  1. Laptop computer of any size
  2. Internet connection device i.e. modem, router or android phone with hotspot
  3. A functional email address
  4. A functional phone line for a call/whatsapp
  5. A functional facebook account
  6. Proper training on the business model

What else…..?

You must be determined to succeed; you will also need persistence and consistence doing any genuine internet business.

I posted an article on the importance of persistence and consistence doing internet business on my business niche blog with title hit-and-run-reason-for-internet-business-failure.

Having mentioned the above requirements, let’s start exposition on the internet business model that shall be our center of discussion. There are many internet business models available on the internet, but to know a reliable, practicable, applicable and sustainable to Nigeria marketplace is the issue.

There is a wide different between internet business and online scheme/investment. In business, you are in control; you know what to do to have desire result. You are in charge. While scheme/investment you do this at the mercy of the operators of such platform. You are not in charge.

Scenario A (ponzi/investment scheme)
If you are fond of investing your hard earn money into all these investment scheme such as MMM, Ponzi, Pyramid scheme etc you are never in charge. You will be disappointed and frustrated anytime the website disappear or there is a problem getting paid from the scheme website. And you start looking for another scheme to join again thinking you are doing internet business. No, you are not in business because it is not sustainable and reliable. You are at the mercy of someone somewhere to make money
which is not guaranty. I call this hit and run internet money making scheme.

My experience with USI TECH (USI tech promised 1% daily returns for 140days investment paying with bitcoin, after few weeks they came up with excuses and reason they couldn’t pay again ran away with millions of dollar worth of bitcoin of all participants of the investment scheme)

Scenario B (genuine internet business)
If you are doing mini importation/ecommerce, information marketing, niche blogging, affiliate marketing, network marketing etc with proper training in place you are 100% in charge of your business, you know what to do to have desire result or income. You can determine your monthly, weekly and even daily income as you do the needful such as setting up your blog/website, email marketing, sales page and effective advert campaign on facebook, Google adword, news media sites, and other advert platforms.. (My experience with mini importation/ecommerce business selling on 6-7 platforms making 6 figure monthly income)

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The main reason for the above instances is for you my listeners to know when you are in business on the internet and when you are chasing the shadow on the internet.

Don’t expect discussion on Ponzi scheme, investment scheme, pyramid scheme or network program that doesn’t have proven products attached to it. Therefore, I shall be discussing mainly on internet business that I do, practice and teach. The following are the internet business models I do, practice and teach:
1. Mini importation/ecommerce business

  1. Bulksms/mobile marketing
  2. Information marketing
  3. Niche blogging
  4. Website design
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Network marketing
  7. Crypto currency trading
  8. Online freelance business
  9. Agro-business and others

The above business models are tested, proven, sustainable and evergreen in nature doing it with right perspective.

Beginning from next episode, I shall start a step by step exposition on each of the internet business models mentioned. Some of the business discussion may take us some week to finish but it will worth our time. So watch out for exposition on those internet business model one after the other from next episode of Internet Business Talk with Oludele Atunnise.

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Internet is loaded with FORTUNE, tap into it today…

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