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Hello, welcome to internet business talk with oludele atunnise and also welcome to episode ten of our business training. we shall do a book extra today on the book titled strategies for progress by Bishop David Abioye How to make at least a million naira in a month or year.
How to make at least a million naira in a year. Precisely on the 9th July, 2015 at about 8pm. I was reading a book written by Bishop David Abioye (Strategies for Progress). I stumbled on this statement and I quote “One million may look enormous to acquire in a year, a month, or even a week, but it’s only a question of about N83,000 in 12 months or 2740 in 365 days” for one year scenario. N33,334 in 30 days for a month scenario. And lastly N142,858 in 7-days for a week scenario. I discovered that it is left for me to determine when and how I want to make a million naira in a week, month, year even in a day.

You can build your business to a point to make multiple of million naira, dollar or any currency will be a child play. For example Otunba Akin Alabi of Nairabet, Aliko Dangote of Dangote group, Otunba Michael Adenuga of Globalcom, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook etc. all these people are making their millions in daily income

How to achieve million income?

How to make this happen will be solely depend on the nature of services or products offer.

Hint: Your services or products must be the types that provide solution to problem of your prospective clients and also must be services or products that is needed daily, weekly or monthly. (e.g. money making, household accessories, health and beauty, feeding and shelter, looking good, security/defense, convenience products/services etc)

The statement struck me like a thunder in my mind that I can make at least a million naira in a year, month, week even daily. if I can plan and implement (business or services) that can make it a reality. I started thinking over this statement and I came up with the following action steps listed below on “How to make at least a million naira in any time frame of the year”.

  1. Discover products or services that guaranteed daily income. This could be online or offline business, products or services
  2. Discover or know your prospective customers/clients
  3. Take your business, products or services to them (advertise)
  4. Make your business, products or services easily accessible (i.e. easy delivery)
  5. Keep the record of sales and practice saving
  6. Add to your services and products (i.e. increase your income source)
  7. Repeat the step 1 to 6 again to scale high your income

Listen to today’s episode now

Recently I attended an online training (webinar) where the presenter revealed how he made N30million in three month here in Nigeria.

Below are the possible online and offline business that guarantee daily or regular income.

Business ideas for a million naira in any time frame of the year

  1. Mini importation/ecommerce
  2. Information marketing
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Niche blogging
  5. Network marketing
  6. Apps development
  7. Agribusiness

Is there any other business idea that guaranteed regular or daily income that has not been mentioned here? If you want to consider doing any of the above business especially item 1- 5 and item 7 you can visit

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