You need to thank God

2019 is just few day left to be over the fact remains there is a reason to thank God for
His faithfulness.
You might have not achieved your target goal for the year yet you owe God thanks.
Because you’re alive you have everything, when there is live there is hope.

If you had failed in your effort this year,  you’re better than that person that has not try his/her
hand on anything and failed.
There is no sin in trying and fail in your effort to make progress or doing something new in
Every successful people had failed one time or the other. But they look beyond their
present situation thanking God and use it as stepping stones to where they are going..
If you can thank God despite your failure and disappointment this year that is when you can
have a clear. picture of the days and years ahead.
Don’t get  beclouded of your glorious tomorrow because of today failure and disappointment.
Every star have a story to tell, do whatever it take to always thank God no matter your
If you don’t thank God for what you have today you may soon loose it.
God is ever faithful in every situation of life, look back and count the goodness of God in
your life since the year began.
Stop complaining, you have every reason to thank God for His divine fingers at work in
your life.
You may not be at where you want but you have never remain on a spot too long. It is
not the same way you start the year you are.
Despite the storm of the year, yet you’re alive hail and hearty. Thank God!
Thank God today, you will have a clearer picture of tomorrow.
I will start a series on how to start 2020 bigger, better and stronger with online business.
God help us……

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