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endsars,endbadgovernance,endpolicebrutality,#endars,#endpolicebrutality,#endbadgovernance,online business idea,internet buisness, #EndSarsEndsars protest fallout precipitated to hoodlums looting shops, stores, malls, warehouses and houses.

Many business owners are counting their loses and imagine where to start from after the unfortunate
attacks of the hoodlums on their bricks and mortar business

In a time like this, only self-control economy or businesses are free from being looted or attacked by hoodlums.

What is self-control economy/business?

These are business you can run or operate from anywhere in the world without the need for store, shops, warehouse or office.

All you need is an online presence using your website, social media platforms such as Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, telegram etc.

There are evergreen online business models that are self-control economy/business that you can consider doing which include:
Selling digital products online (i.e. information marketing & affiliate marketing)
– Forex trading
– Freelance/remote worker
– Ecommerce
– Website design
– App development etc

All the above are 6-7 figure monthly income business.

In fact, most of the business mentioned above can’t be affected by Nigeria economic factors such as unrest/protest, inflation, or government policy.

They are majorly dependent on the platforms you are using and your audience.

To be specific, forex trading is explicitly a self-control economy or business that you can quietly do from the comfort of your room or on the go if you have the required knowledge trading forex.

To be a successful and profiting currency trader, you need a deep trading knowledge of the business.

Forex trading is not meant for mediocre.

You also need a season mentor or tutor that will guide you on your way to success.

If you really want to end 2020 better and start the year 2021 better then consider currency trading
popularly known as “forex-trading” i have good news for you.

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and agreed to open the door of his forex trading mentorship to a few people before the year ends.

You want to end the year better with forex trading and start 2021 great.

Then consider this mentorship program by MichaelĀ  Olaniyi Olatunji a great privilege.

This is a rare opportunity, I hardly see any season forex trader available to training others.

They don’t have the time to sit down to teach when they should be trading or doing market research for
the future trades.

You want to be one of the privilege mentees of Michael Olaniyi Olatunji of the year ending mentorship
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It is a time-sensitive mentorship program that may close anytime from now without notice.

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Talk to you later…

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