You need a self control economy-2

youtube video, make money online, getting paid uploading video, how to make money from youtubeContinue from last post>>> You need a self control economy.

Today i will looking at another online business model you can control 100% without the need for brick and mortar office. YouTube Video Uploads.

Making money on the internet is now made simple for anyone that is serious and really determined to do so.

If you can leverage on the existing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and most recent one TikTok.

More and more internet users now tend to engage with video content on the internet compare to text/image content.

Statistics had shown that Facebook/Instagram videos post get higher engagement i.e views, comments, likes, shares compare to text/image posts.

No wonder, videos on Youtube could gather over 2million views within 72-hour of uploading it.

In fact Facebook/Instagram for posting text and image content.

But now…

Because of the shift of social media users from still image to live image, they had make a room for their users the privilege to upload short or long videos on their platform.

In fact, you can organize a live video event with Facebook and Instagram as obtainable on Youtube.

What does this implies?

It means you have to sell to your market what it demands not what you think they should buy.

Many internet users prefer Youtube video search results compare to google search results. To tell you that over 70% of internet users prefer to be served with video content either for entertainment, education, discovery, news, politics, or religion.

This is what informs the reason for many Youtube videos, Facebook/Instagram videos.

Where people tend to show high interest, congregate, or gather there is money there if you know how to leverage on that strong point.

I mean if you know how to serve them right and get paid handsomely in return for your service uploading educating, entertaining, inspiring, and soul lift videos on the internet.

Have you ever imagine who owns those videos on Youtube, and what benefits there uploading video and who pays the owners of the videos.

Youtube is stinkly rich and they are ready to pay you for your videos uploaded on their platform.

Don’t forget that Youtube is the sister company of Google Inc the owner of Gmail, Google search engine, Google Adword etc.

They are #1 internet search engine and #1 video search engine.

youtube video, make money online, getting paid uploading video, how to make money from youtubeI have the audacity to tell you that Youtube is ready to pay you for uploading videos on the internet.

But you need to know how it is done, what is obtainable and applicable.

How to create and upload winning videos that will keep paying you.

If Youtube is not paying, people like Mark Angel comedy, Mr Macaroni, Woli Agba, Channel TV, Onlinehustle TV will not keep uploading their videos on Youtube every day.

I want you to imagine the number of viewers that would have watched your videos sharing every scene of Endsars protest from your location either Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan etc. And get paid in return for your videos.

youtube video, make money online, getting paid uploading video, how to make money from youtube

This just a tip of Iceberg of what uploading videos online via Youtube.

All you need to get started is uploading videos on Youtube and get paid is simple…
i. Phone with video camera
ii. Laptop computer
iii. Youtube channel
iv. Internet data subscription


Thank God you got what I have mentioned above.

Everybody carries a phone either sophisticated or simple Android phone with a video camera on it.

You need the proper knowledge of the following:
– Setup a winning Youtube channel
– How to upload your video for discoverability by viewers
– How to make your video go viral
– How to get paid on every video uploaded
– How to build loyal channel subscribers
– How to automate videos on your channel to get noticed by your subscribers
– And lots more

If you don’t know the above and others, you’re bound to fail getting paid for your uploaded videos online.

You can turn the table in your favour winning from the onset of your video upload online.

youtube video, make money online, getting paid uploading video, how to make money from youtube

You need a mentor with a proven result like the one below. Else struggle and frustration may set in.

Do you want results like the one shown below?

youtube video, make money online, getting paid uploading video, how to make money from youtube

Lest I forget, uploading videos on the internet is an online business model you can do as a side hustle (part-time) yet you get paid for your hobby-business.

So you don’t need to resign from your present paid job.

All you need is at least 2-5 hours of work weekly, which can be done during free or leisure time.

Dr. Malik is ready to reveal his 7-figure monthly income secret to 50 Nigerians that want to make cool cash in dollars uploading videos on the internet.

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At the end of this training, uploading videos on the internet will become your money-spinning hobby.

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See you on the other side

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