Tools needed for your online business success

Tools needed for your online business success. Your success on the internet is largely dependent on the tools at your disposal. Imagine, a farmer without basic faming tools, he had signed in for failure. So also is your success on the internet business. If you must be successful in any internet business model, there are basic tools needed that guaranteed your success.
Below are the basic tools that guaranteed your online business success.
1. Computer system: You will need to have a personal system be it laptop or desktop of any brand of your choice such as Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Accer etc. cyber café of computer centre can be helpful, but there may be some limitation or restriction to what you can do on it.
2. Internet facility: online business is done on the internet. It demands that your are connected to the internet at least 6 hours in a day for update on your email, facebook and your website/blog. You can get connected using any of the following methods.
a. Cyber café in case you don’t have PC or internet modem
b. Internet modem using any service provider of your choice (e.g. for Nigeria subscribers you may choose from Etisalat, Airtel, Globalcom, Smile or MTN buy MTN cheap data plane here
3. Subscribe to newsletter: you need to the newsletter of blogs or websites that are doing what you are about to start doing online. Why? Because there is nothing new under heaven. What you are about to start doing, someone is already doing it. Subscribing to their newsletter is a cheap way to learn from their wealth of experience. Do you want to become a professional and money making blogger? Then you need to follow the likes of Enstine Muki, Harleena Singh, Anna Hoffman, Neil Patel, Sherryll Peril to mention few or you want to be an information marketer expert (guru) you have to follow these local geek (Nigeria based marketers) people like Otunba Akin Alabi, Gbolagade Adetunji (prof. fiverr), Olaide Alim, Joe Okoro, Pat Ogidi, Toyin Omotoso, Dennis Nsonng, ewen chia etc. subscribe to their newsletters and visit their blogs always to learn and receive inspiration from their works.
4. Be knowledge driven: You need to be well trained on any internet business model you choose. Your knowledge base determines your income base. Why? Because nobody pays you because of your fine face but you are for your ability to solve problems base on your acquired knowledge. The areas you can acquire knowledge for your internet business success are
i. Website design
ii. Blogging
iii. Mini Online importation
iv. Freelance jobs (,,,, etc
v. Affiliate marketing
vi. Information marketing

Other online businesses are
i. web hosting & domain name business
ii. forex trading, binary option, stock trading etc
iii. site flipping
I will take time to make deep explanation on each of the listed internet business models in my future post just watch out.

5. Other tools needed are
i. dedicated email account for your internet business preferably
ii. Acrobat adobe reader: this will enable you to open PDF file of free or paid report on your computer. In case you don’t have you can download it here
iv. WinZip you will need this to unzip any zipped folders/file you download. you can also use it to zip files/folders for upload to your email or website.
v. social media accounts such as,, google plus, linkedln, etc
There are many other tools needed to be successful on the internet business which are peculiar to a particular internet business. This shall be discussed in the future post on this blog.
This article is written by Atunnise Oludele (Pro blogger/webmaster).
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