The Neglected Oil Of Solution….

make money online, affiliate marketing, expertnaire affiliate, affiliate, online business ideas, online business ideas for nigeria,ecommerce,mini importation,information marketing,how to make money online,freelance,forex training,forex tradingWe are all faced with life-threatening challenges at one time or the other. And this could be challenges of finances, health, joblessness, insecurity, homelessness, disability etc.

Often time we are helpless and get disappointed from where we look up to for help.

Most time we neglect or ignore seemingly available solutions that we have within our reach. No matter the challenges of life you may be facing now, the solution is within your reach.

You have the answer in your hand.

The solution to your joblessness, indebtedness, homelessness, financial struggles is within you. Only if you will look inward and think out of the box.

Anybody can use their life challenges as stepping stones to their fortune…

There is something in you, neglected that can rescue you in time of challenges.

I call this “the neglected oil.”

There was a story of a widow, whose only sons are about to be taken by the creditor of her late
husband. Her husband died as a debtor and as a next of kin she must pay back else her two sons will
be taken by the creditor.

The widow ran to a prominent man of God in the city for bail-out. The widow was expecting the prophet to pray and command miracle money.

But she was disappointed with the prophet’s response contrary to her expectation. After she narrated her ordeal, the prophet asked “what do you have that God can use?”

Out of frustration, she replied the prophet with a negative response of nothing, i mean nothing. But the prophet did not believe her affirmative and sympathetic response of nothing.

I could imagine the prophet telling her that if you have nothing I cannot help. In fact, God cannot help you.

At this point, she has to think deep and look inward.

Then suddenly she realized, she had a bottle of oil at home.

But what could this amount to in paying her debt?

Faster forward….

The neglected bottle of oil bail out the widow and her sons from being seized by her creditor.

The oil was blessed for multiplication.

Indeed the bottle of oil multiplied to many barrels of oil, processed, packaged and sold to the same people that could not help her out of her indebtedness.

From the neglected oil, she paid her debt and have more than enough to live on with her sons.

She now become an oil merchant in the same city distributing and supplying oil to as many need “the widows’ oil” for cooking or anointing service in their synagogues or temples.

The moral lesson:

If you can think enough, what you have is enough to bail you out in the days of challenges.

What is that neglected bottle of oil in your hand?

Don’t tell me you don’t have anything you can package and sell.

You don’t need money or connection but;
– Gift/talent
– Idea
– Experience/expertise
– People (i.e. potential customers)

Develop your gift, idea, expertise or expertise etc package it and sell it to people as a solution to
problem/pain they want to get rid of at any affordable cost.

Enough of suffering in silence in the name of no money or connection.

You have something that can bail you out of financial struggles, debt, joblessness etc

All you need is a problem-solving idea and the people to whom your idea will solve their problem.

Like that widow, she have that bottle of oil at home with her for a long time; that could have
rescue her entire family from debt that eventually killed her husband.

But neglected…..

What is that idea, gift/talent, experience, or expertise and people you have neglected while you’re looking elsewhere for a bailout?

Your bailout is within your reach, please look inward now.

Locate it, polish it, take it to the marketplace, sell it and make fortune from your neglected bottle of

The Bible says “the gift of a man will make a way for him,
it will make him stand before kings”

You can’t tell how far that idea, expertise or gift/talent can take you until you take it to the marketplace.

Ideas rule the world, you can rule the world with your idea.

Have you imagine that, the same people that couldn’t help the widow with money to pay her debt end up becoming the sudden customers that bought her branded oil product until it get out of stock.

The marketplace is waiting for your neglected bottle of oil inform of gift/talent, expertise, experience etc

There is a goldmine in every God-given idea, gift, expertise, people etc.

Don’t neglect it!

My question to you like that prophet asked that widow seeking God intervention “what do you have in your hand?”
– Idea
– Expertise/experience
– Gift/talent
– People

Look inward, bring it out and present it to God for His blessing.

Then go ahead and:
i. Lock yourself indoor to polish it (package) to solve a problem that people are willing to pay
for solving their problem

ii. Take it to the marketplace where your potential customers congregated (i.e. Facebook, google etc)

iii. Sell it accordingly, don’t overprice or underprice your idea (product)

iv. Repeat the process for another neglected bottle of oil (idea)

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Stay blessed!

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