May 12

Which one works: Mini importation/ecommerce or Affiliate marketing?

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Mini importation/ecommerce or Affiliate marketing which one work?
In the recent time, i always receive at least one or two emails or calls from my subscribers asking for my advise on which internet business that works or pays now. And they are always in between two opinions of mini importation or affiliate marketing.

But if i may be sincere, the two business models are good for any business minded person that really want to make a living from the internet doing a legitimate business. The two business model are evergreen online business that will keep paying till heaven and earth remain.

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Jun 20

Get rich quick money syndrome,are you infected?

The reason why many would be internet business person will not start their adventure into the world of netpreneur is simply because they had been infected with get rich quick syndrome. It make anyone to lack value for personal development that will enhance their money making knowledge and influence.

No thanks to proliferation of different ponzi scheme such as MMM, bitclub, helping hand. help2rise, crowd funding, ecooperative, donate to get help etc in the name of internet money making opportunity
that make most of the participant vulnerable to risk of being scammed and defrauded of their hard earned money to the promoters of such scheme. Continue reading