Apr 21

Lockdown: What Do You HAVE?

affiliate marketing, make money, online business, how to make money during lockdown, work from home, home business, expertnaire.com, expertnaire affiliate, affiliate marketing in nigeria, What you have or know will make a way for you In a time like this. What you have or know will make a way for you.

Let me start by telling you that what you have or know is enough for your change of levels financially and other areas of life. Continue reading

Apr 09

What to consider when starting business online or offline

online business, affiliate marketing, expertnaire, affiliate in nigreia, make money online, online business idea, passive income, pat ogidi, make money fastBusiness is meant to serve the demand or interest of the marketplace. Not the market serving your interest or supply.

If you must make good money from the marketplace, you must play by the rule of the marketplace demand and supply not otherwise. Continue reading

Feb 26

3-Simple Underground Secrets of Millionaires Commonly Ignored By Many

information marketing, ecomtycoon,passive income, online business secret, affiliate marketing, ecommerce business, mini importation, pat ogidi, seun ogundele, seyi adeleke, olaide alim, freelance business. expertnaire.com, expertnaire, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing in nigeria, 2020 online business, 2020 money making idea,It is a known fact that everybody desires to be listed among the millionaires. Everybody wants to achieve a level of financial comfort void of fear, agitation and pressure.

“…but money answereth all things says the Bible”
-Ecclesiastes 10:19

I got to understand in the recent time that lack of money is the reason and root cause of fear of any man or woman with many financial responsibilities to meet. Continue reading