Aug 22

Must Read: How Mosquito can make you a Cool Cash Today

In my last post, I wrote something alarming about the killer insect (mosquito) and all possible effort been put together to stop this killer insect in our society. Today I shall be talking about how to make money from mosquito problem. I am of the opinion that, the problem you can solve, the more money you can make. Mosquito is a threat to a comfortable of every Nigerian and it needs urgent attention. That is the reason for today post. Continue reading

Jul 30

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 2

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 2. I started posting about my exploits in watermelon cultivation in pictures on 6th of July to be precised. But due to some other project and assignment in my hand i have not been able to post further update on this title. Today i will continue from where we stopped last time. let me start by mention some necessary tools and resources needed for smooth cultivation of watermelon.

well water

well water

1. WATER: water must be available or accessible to your farmland. You will need water for watermelon farm from first days of your farm preparation and crop treatment. You may ask why do i need water? You will need water for the following: Continue reading

Jul 06

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 1

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 1. In the recent time I ventured into agriculture business (watermelon plantation). And I am here today to share my experience with you in pictures. I hope you will learn one or two things from the pictures.

Below are activities on the farmland from the beginning in pictures.

STAGE ONE  (Land preparation) Continue reading

Jun 05

6 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience

Do you want to attract more readers to your blog?

Looking for ways to keep visitors coming back for more?

Creating great blog posts won’t get you results unless you have an audience that reads and engages with them.

In this article I’ll share six ways to grow your blog audience and turn first-time visitors into devoted readers. Continue reading

May 31

7 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Help Your Business

I stumble on this article and believe it will be of benefit to all my reader to know 7 Ways Your Facebook Page Can Help Your Business. Here is the article excerpt:

Do you have a Facebook page?

Are you using Facebook to its fullest?

There are many ways to use a Facebook page beyond simply posting updates.

In this article you’ll discover seven ways to use your Facebook page for business. Continue reading

Apr 16

Mini Importation: Guaranteed way to make money on the Internet

Mini Importation: Guaranteed way to make money on the Internet. If making money on the internet I your desire, there are so many ways to make money on the internet. But there is a guaranteed way to make money online without fear of losing your hard earned money if you are properly informed. If you are really looking for online business you can start doing with little start-up capital that is as low as N10, 000 you need to give mini Continue reading

Mar 23

OMG! Pat Ogidi is MAD

Pat Ogidi is MAD! If you are a Nigerian internet money making person, the name Pat Ogidi should not be strange to you. I have been following this guy on the internet and his online business in the recent time. I am on his mail list and I will say he always make sense.

I received a mail from him about his recent madness he is about to stage on the internet; precisely Saturday 22nd March, 2015 at exactly 8.30pm Nigeria time. Continue reading

Mar 17

20 Fiverr Hot Gigs Tip

How are you doing today?  It is quite a long time post on this blog.
I received a mail from a fellow fiverrian on 20 Fiverr Hot Gigs Tip
or services you can offer on fiverr platform and make regular
income from fiverr.

I hope that by now you have already created
your account and have also started offering
the gigs you found  hot and simple to complete.
If not,  then you are lagging really behind
because that is what Fiverr is all about. Continue reading

Jan 19


This is my first post on this blog in the year 2015. Congrats because you finally made it to year
2015 full of hopes, vision, aspirations, unimaginable
possibilities… #mytarget2015

If you have the faith, it
will be your year of numerous
testimonies. You shall make it
in 2015.

Promotions, marriage, house warming,
admission, cars, traveling abroad…
claim yours. Continue reading

Dec 04

How To Increase Your Financial Reward On The Internet

“There is no discrimination against excellence”-Oprah Winfrey

How To Increase Your Financially Rewarded On The Internet. Your monetary value is not your value as a human being but it is the amount you command in the market place. The market place is neutral; it doesn’t discriminate on race, colour, gender, education, religion or age. When you bring value to the market place, no matter who you are, you are immediately highly Continue reading