May 28

12 Life SECRETS you must Know today

TOP SECRETS,LIFE SECRETS,BUSINESS SECRETS,IMPORTATION BUSINESS,BLOG DESIGN, WEBSITE DESIGN, HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET12 life secrets you must know today. I received this from a fellow internet entrepreneur, and i think you can benefit from the few point listed on the above title to make you a better person. Read the rest below….

Here is one of those mail to wake you from your slumber
and keep your more on your toes
In just 35 days, half of this year will be gone
People will easily give up on some goals
If not achieved in the first half

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Apr 30

How to start blogging for cash online-1

blogging,blog,blog cash,online money,blog setup,blogsiteHow to start  blogging for cash online-1. Blogging nowadays has become one full time way to make a living on the internet if you really know how to go about it. There is no doubt that someone can make a fortune blogging online, there are steps to follow to be become a successful blogger earning monthly income from blogging. But then there are things you need know to start blogging for cash.
How to Start a Blog
In general there are a few simple steps that you will need to complete to start your blog: Continue reading

Mar 02

Do you have a Mentor?

Do you have a Mentor? MENTOR is someone you learn from without reservation.
To be successful in live, especially on internet business. You must have someone or people you are following (i.e.mentors). I mean someone or group of people that you believe in their success and you want the same to be duplicated in your life or business. What you need to do?
1. Locate him/her,
2. Celebrate him/her,

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Jan 20

2016 More Income Open Letter From A Mentor

2016 More Income Open Letter From A Mentor. As a way of saying happy new year to you from the stable of legit cash tutor blog, i have a gift for you which i believe it will be of a benefits to you a lot to scale up your income this year you you care to follow the insights there in.

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Nov 03

How to drive targeted traffic to your Blog

How to drive targeted traffic to your Blog. You can use this method on fiverr, affiliate or your blog to get targeted traffic, Only If you can think outside the Box

Let me expose 1 of my traffic method to you all today, This is very hard to say because I know after saying this, Many of you will spam the site

But I don’t care, I love to help and I will keep helping till Jesus come,

Even This traffic method am about to share with you all might be long and look somehow to some people

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Oct 27


How to make at least a million naira in a year. Precisely on the 9th July, 2015 at about 8pm. I was reading a book written by Bishop David Abioye (Strategies for Progress). I stumbled on this statement and I quote “One million may look enormous to acquire in a year, but it’s only a question of about 83,000 in 12 months or 2740 in 365 days”. I discovered that it is left for me to determine when and how I want to make a million naira in a year.

See below

  1. If it is in 365 days, I will need to make 2740 daily
  2. If it is in 52 weeks, I will need to make 19230 weekly
  3. If it is in 12 months, I will need to make 83,000 monthly
  4. If it is in every 3 months, I will need to make 250,000 quarterly
  5. If it is in every 6 months, I will need to make 500,000 mid-yearly

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Oct 15

Information Marketing: What did the Bible says?

Information Marketing: What did the Bible says?
I am always marvel when people ask information marketers
questions like “why did you sell your report”, “why do you
have to sell your money making secret if it works”, “if you
really want to help give us free”, “let me test it first” etc… Continue reading

Aug 22

Must Read: How Mosquito can make you a Cool Cash Today

In my last post, I wrote something alarming about the killer insect (mosquito) and all possible effort been put together to stop this killer insect in our society. Today I shall be talking about how to make money from mosquito problem. I am of the opinion that, the problem you can solve, the more money you can make. Mosquito is a threat to a comfortable of every Nigerian and it needs urgent attention. That is the reason for today post. Continue reading

Jul 30

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 2

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 2. I started posting about my exploits in watermelon cultivation in pictures on 6th of July to be precised. But due to some other project and assignment in my hand i have not been able to post further update on this title. Today i will continue from where we stopped last time. let me start by mention some necessary tools and resources needed for smooth cultivation of watermelon.

well water

well water

1. WATER: water must be available or accessible to your farmland. You will need water for watermelon farm from first days of your farm preparation and crop treatment. You may ask why do i need water? You will need water for the following: Continue reading

Jul 06

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 1

Watermelon cultivation stages in pictures 1. In the recent time I ventured into agriculture business (watermelon plantation). And I am here today to share my experience with you in pictures. I hope you will learn one or two things from the pictures.

Below are activities on the farmland from the beginning in pictures.

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