Tired of Nigeria failed system? Relocate if opportunity comes.

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Sometimes, when i look at the way things are going in this country i question myself “will this nation ever be like South Africa, US, Canada and other European countries where there is system and everything is working.

Paradoxically, it may take the next 100 year for us to arrive at where Canada or US is today considering the rots and decadence of our system.

To be sincere, nothing is working in this country just because there is no people oriented system in place.
– No political system, they are all liars with no ideology (they are progressive by mouth but by action they are not better than military government) exploiting and taking advantage of Nigerians.
– No economic system or blueprint except for slavery schemes like N-power, trader money etc that doesn’t guaranty future. And it is meant to enrich politicians and left their followers with crumbs.

I always imagine and ask myself the question “is this where and how i will raise my children?”
Where there is….
* Insecurity & killings is the order of the day
* Unemployment at alarming rate
* Paralyzed power supply darkness 24/7
* No good health services
* No good road network both inter and intra-state
* And lot more of failed system

All we read on the dailies is blame game from one government to another and things are getting
worse by the day.

Our leaders are not ready to take responsibility.

Greed and selfishness is the order of the day. No one really care for the helpless masses.

Society where greed and selfishness thrives can never progress.

We pride ourselves as “the giant of Africa”. Indeed! Self deception kill faster like anything.

As far as i am concerned, nobody cares in this nation. It is now survival of the fittest, strongest
and smartest. And it tells on our perception to doing business and others.

No politician is there because of the interest of the masses, even the President.

They all carry green card and stay permit of other countries in case of unforeseen circumstances. Yet they want us to be patriotic enough and stay back in Nigeria to build what they keep destroying daily.

They all travel abroad for their health care services. Leaving us with death centers called health center across the nation.

They all send their children abroad to study. Leaving us with federal/state universities that are characterized with incessant strike.

They all eat and wear imported food and clothes leaving us with made in Aba for those who can afford it.

With all these and many more, yet they want you and I to be patriotic enough to live and die here.

Liars and sycophants.


If the opportunity comes like the one <HERE>, please relocate it is not a sin!

After all….

The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof including Canada or US

The solution to Nigeria many challenges are not in view with the caliber of politicians and leaders we have. Relocate if you have the opportunity. If not for anything but because of your children.

Canada had proved again and again to be one of such countries that accepts and accommodates Nigerians and other nationals.

Canada is the second home for you and your family member if you care and wiling to relocate.

Canada have a working and functional system such as:
– World class education system
– World class health services
– Employment opportunity
– Security & safety
– Social welfare package for all
– Food security
And lots of others

Relocating to Canada is a CAPITAL INTENSIVE PROJECT Especially if You are Coming With Your Family

This is the simple truth; relocating to Canada isn’t for everyone especially if you are struggling to put food on the table. Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise, relocating to Canada will cost you a lot of money.
I may not give you a specific amount but here are some of the expenses required below:

If you think getting the funds to relocate to Canada will be an obstacle to your relocation to Canada, then read further to the next thing.

If you are truly interested in relocating to Canada, I think you should watch this ​video by Mr Victor Jegede (who now lives in Canada with his family)

The video explains step by step process and all you will ever need to successfully relocate to Canada without having to waste money on agent. A 45 minutes long video presentation

Click the button below to gain access to the video now.

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I wish you success as you begin to process your immigration.


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