How to make your FEARS work for your advantage..

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They are afraid they are going to fail in a business they haven’t started.

This is fear of failure…

I have never seeing a successful person that has not before.

Someone simply define fear as:

These are few fear that people dread of
– Fear of failure
– Fear of death
– Fear of sickness
– Fear of poverty
– Fear of losing money
– Fear of barrenness
– Fear of accident
– Fear fear fear, fear unlimited

Friend, what are your fears?

Fear as it were, is a good mechanism in everyone if you can only use it to your advantage.

Everyone have what they afraid but successful people know how to use their fear to their own
advantage to arrive at success.

For instance, the fear of scarcity can be turn to a blessing and abundant.

When you sense or fear that something may be scarce you need to rise to the occasion to find out
what and how the fear can be tackled, then do the needful.

The needful here: You need to know what may lead to scarcity of that item and stock up the item you fear that will be scarce when it is in surplus.

Good example of this is the story of Joseph and King Pharaoh of Egypt dream of 7 years of surplus and 7 years of famine in the land at that time. That famine end up elevating Joseph and made Egypt
the world power of that time which span for centuries.

For every scarcity, there is always a time of surplus when you can stock up and plan for the future when it may be scarce.

For everyone in active service either federal or state even private this is your time to plan for the future
creating a side business that will take care of the future you want to see.

And it is easier now to start a side business taking advantage of the internet doing legitimate online
business that guaranty 6-7 figure monthly income either part time or full time.

You can optin for any of these online business models
* Mini importation/ecommerce
* Affiliate marketing
* Information marketing
* Online freelance
* Network marketing
* And lots of other legit online business that you can do from the comfort of your room.

For every rich man you see today, they were some times afraid of poverty. But they act against their fear of being poor by setting in motion what it will take to be rich and today they are at that destination
called RICHES!

What you fear may not happen if you act and take proper step against your fear.

If you don’t have the fear of being ejected by your Landlord, you will never save for your house rent or
dream house.

If you don’t have the fear that you may be fired at work without notice, you may never start a side
business that could add to your income and ultimately pay you better in future.

Sometimes our fear make us to think out of the box and get out of our comfort zone.

Fear is good, but the way you handle it determine the outcome of your life.

For your fear not to happen and use it to your advantage you have to be proactive couple with efficient action that will checkmate that fear.

If you have ever nurse the fear of the possibility of making extra income on the internet legitimately part
time or full time.

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Your fear will be to your advantage only if you’re proactive enough and take the right step in the right
direction at the right time.
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