Oct 29

You need a self control economy-2

youtube video, make money online, getting paid uploading video, how to make money from youtubeContinue from last post>>> You need a self control economy.

Today i will looking at another online business model you can control 100% without the need for brick and mortar office. YouTube Video Uploads.

Making money on the internet is now made simple for anyone that is serious and really determined to do so. Continue reading

Oct 28

You need a self control economy-1

endsars,endbadgovernance,endpolicebrutality,#endars,#endpolicebrutality,#endbadgovernance,online business idea,internet buisness, #EndSarsEndsars protest fallout precipitated to hoodlums looting shops, stores, malls, warehouses and houses.

Many business owners are counting their loses and imagine where to start from after the unfortunate
attacks of the hoodlums on their bricks and mortar business Continue reading

Feb 26

3-Simple Underground Secrets of Millionaires Commonly Ignored By Many

information marketing, ecomtycoon,passive income, online business secret, affiliate marketing, ecommerce business, mini importation, pat ogidi, seun ogundele, seyi adeleke, olaide alim, freelance business. expertnaire.com, expertnaire, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing in nigeria, 2020 online business, 2020 money making idea,It is a known fact that everybody desires to be listed among the millionaires. Everybody wants to achieve a level of financial comfort void of fear, agitation and pressure.

“…but money answereth all things says the Bible”
-Ecclesiastes 10:19

I got to understand in the recent time that lack of money is the reason and root cause of fear of any man or woman with many financial responsibilities to meet. Continue reading

Oct 27


How to make at least a million naira in a year. Precisely on the 9th July, 2015 at about 8pm. I was reading a book written by Bishop David Abioye (Strategies for Progress). I stumbled on this statement and I quote “One million may look enormous to acquire in a year, but it’s only a question of about 83,000 in 12 months or 2740 in 365 days”. I discovered that it is left for me to determine when and how I want to make a million naira in a year.

See below

  1. If it is in 365 days, I will need to make 2740 daily
  2. If it is in 52 weeks, I will need to make 19230 weekly
  3. If it is in 12 months, I will need to make 83,000 monthly
  4. If it is in every 3 months, I will need to make 250,000 quarterly
  5. If it is in every 6 months, I will need to make 500,000 mid-yearly

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Mar 17

20 Fiverr Hot Gigs Tip

How are you doing today?  It is quite a long time post on this blog.
I received a mail from a fellow fiverrian on 20 Fiverr Hot Gigs Tip
or services you can offer on fiverr platform and make regular
income from fiverr.

I hope that by now you have already created
your account and have also started offering
the gigs you found  hot and simple to complete.
If not,  then you are lagging really behind
because that is what Fiverr is all about. Continue reading

Jan 19


This is my first post on this blog in the year 2015. Congrats because you finally made it to year
2015 full of hopes, vision, aspirations, unimaginable
possibilities… #mytarget2015

If you have the faith, it
will be your year of numerous
testimonies. You shall make it
in 2015.

Promotions, marriage, house warming,
admission, cars, traveling abroad…
claim yours. Continue reading