3-Simple Underground Secrets of Millionaires Commonly Ignored By Many

information marketing, ecomtycoon,passive income, online business secret, affiliate marketing, ecommerce business, mini importation, pat ogidi, seun ogundele, seyi adeleke, olaide alim, freelance business. expertnaire.com, expertnaire, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing in nigeria, 2020 online business, 2020 money making idea,It is a known fact that everybody desires to be listed among the millionaires. Everybody wants to achieve a level of financial comfort void of fear, agitation and pressure.

“…but money answereth all things says the Bible”
-Ecclesiastes 10:19

I got to understand in the recent time that lack of money is the reason and root cause of fear of any man or woman with many financial responsibilities to meet.

If you see a man that frets at the mention of;

  • School resumption
  • Landlord visit or phone calls
  • Parent visit or phone calls
  • In-laws visit or phone calls
  • Increase in the price of livelihood and daily commodities
  • And other matters that require money to attend to accordingly.

You should know the reason behind such fear is lack of MONEY.

Money is not the root of all evils; it is the love of money.

Not even the love of money as it were, you need to love money to be attracted to you and come to you. But it is inordinate love of money that lead to killing, kidnapping, ritual, robbery, fraud and all other evil vices in order to have money that is evil.

To emerge a millionaire, it is damn easy than we think.

There are 3-simple, tested, proven and evergreen underground secrets being traded by every millionaires I had ever met or see. Including those that I watched emerging a millionaire, and privilege to see their humble beginning.

These secrets are open-ended and accessible by all at no special cost attached to it.

This is what the likes of (established billionaires) Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola, Folorunsho Alakija, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezo, Bill Gates, Steve Job etc. (Emerging millionaires) the likes of Otunba Akin Alabi, Toyin Omotoso, Pat Ogidi, Joe Okoro, Olaide Alim, Adetunji Gbolagade, Stephen Akintayo, Seun Ogundele, Onome Maureen etc.

Millionaire Secret #1


They locate problems that people are desperate and willing to get rid off at any affordable cost.

Millionaires are solution provider. They don’t think problem but they think solution.

They always look for problem they can solve to make more money.

For instance Aliko Dangote start from locating the need for affordable cement to daily household commodities and now going into refinery and also planning to venture into football.

Here are millionaire maker problems

– Healthy living (Diabetes, HBP, Eyesight, Infertility in women, Men sexual enhancement etc)

– Beauty & looking good (skin care, hair care, mouth care etc)

– Relationship & marriage (getting Mr. Right, restoring erring spouse etc)

– Business & make-money (forex trading, business setup, real estate, blogging, ecommerce setup, affiliate and information marketing etc)


pat ogidi, akin alabi, toyin omotoso, blogcash university, onome maureen, nairaland,Otunba Akin Alabi of (Nairabet) locates the need to launch local online sport betting site in 2009. And today Nairabet has become an household name in the world of online sport betting in Nigeria and Africa.



Sir. Toyin Omotoso of (Expertnaire) locate the need to launchpat ogidi, akin alabi, toyin omotoso, blogcash university, onome maureen, nairaland, Nigeria base digital affiliate platform that allows affiliate to promote other people’s digital products to make good money in 2016. And today many Nigerians will not need to join Clickbank and the likes to start their online affiliate business here in Nigeria, Africa.

Word on the marble: Look inward, you have solution to the problem of insecurity, unemployment, failed marriage, food preservation and security etc. Your money is in locating people’s problems and solving it.

Millionaires locate problems and solve it. Locate a problem today and provide the solution needed.

Millionaire Secret #2


Having located a problem that people are desperate, willing and eager to get rid by all means.

Millionaires take steps further at creating a product, service or platform that solves the problem they have located.

The solution could be packaged in digital or physical format.

For instance: If you have a tested and proven solution to problem of infertility in men/woman.

This can be packaged as a digital or physical product that can be delivered as a service, consultancy or home delivery product.

Case study

Nairabet and Expertnaire
pat ogidi, akin alabi, toyin omotoso, blogcash university, onome maureen, nairaland,

Nairabet was founded by Otunba Akin Alabi ten years ago to solve the problem of online sport betting as an alternative to foreign one such as Bet365, Betway and others due to funding and withdrawal problems faced by Nigerians and other Africa nations that want to make money online with sport betting.

In the quest to provide solution to this problem it birth the first Africa online sport betting portal know as Nairabet.


In the year 2016, Toyin Omotoso launched the first Nigeria base digital product affiliate platform known as Expertnaire in his quest to answer the problem of many Nigerians that want to make money promoting digital products on Clickbank, JVzoo, Amazon etc as an affiliate but face with rejection, eligibility and payment issue that limit many from doing online affiliate business.

Word on the marble: You need to create the product, service or platform that solves the problem you have located to really get paid. Millionaires create solution for problem they locate.

Millionaire Secret #3


Every millionaire that I know, sell one thing or the other in form of product, service or platform.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook sell advert space on Facebook.

Mike Adenuga of Globalcom sell airtime and internet data etc

Aliko Dangote of Dangote sell salt, sugar, noodle, cement,  etc

Akin Alabi sells sport betting on Nairabet

Linda Ikeji sells gossip, news, entertainment and advert space on her blogsite

Locating the problem and creating a product (solution) that solve the problem is not enough to emerge a millionaire, you must be ready to sell.

How to get what to sell?

There are two things you can sell to make good money.

It is either you’re selling

  1. Product or service
  2. Platform such as apps, website, software etc

2-Major way to get a product, service or platform to sell

  1. Create the product, service or platform yourself
  2. Sell other people’s product, service or platform as a licensed affiliate, reseller, wholesaler or retailer.

Every money is made selling something either product, service, platform or time.

You must sell to become a millionaire.

And selling involves marketing, promotion and advertising.

Online business models you can consider to sell to achieve 6-7 figure monthly income if done properly include:.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Information marketing
  • Ecommerce/mini importation
  • Niche blogging
  • Online freelance
  • Apps development
  • Website design/development
  • Digital marketing/consultancy

What is marketing?

It is communication to get customers. It is also act of getting people to give you money in exchange for your product, service or platform.

We have 2 types of marketing

– Direct response marketing

– Brand marketing

For more insight on how to master the art of effective selling get a copy of this book and read.

How to turn yourself to a live breathing cash machine

Click=>LBCM to get a copy today.

Your refusal to advertise your product (solution) will make no different in your financial status.

“Doing business without advertising is like winking
a girl in the dark. Only you know what you
are doing but nobody else does”


The millionaire secrets

– They locate problem

– They create solution to the problem(s)

– They sell the solution to people

The truth is that it may be easier to locate the problem but it can be tasking and demanding to create the solution (product) and sell to your potential buyers.

You need to learn and master these simple underground secrets of the millionaires to get yourself enlisted as a potential millionaire.

How locate, create and sell your skills, expertise or experience.

You want to be among the few person that will like to learn how to locate-create & sell their product, service or platform like a millionaire turning their little effort to 6-7 figure monthly income from the comfort of their home.


I will be unveiling the master class pre-launch offer in my free video training that will be available at www.legitcashtutor.com/lcsmasterclass

Once again; millionaire locate, create and sell.

Get set for millionaire money making adventure that guaranteed 6-7 figure monthly income in the year 2020 and beyond.

Go to www.legitcashtutor.com/lcsmasterclass to learn more on how to locate, create and sell your product (solution) or other people’s product, service or platform.


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