7 Reason Many Nigerians May Never Make A Living On The Internet.

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Bill Gates says and I quote “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

Whatever you are doing for a living is your business. And also note that internet can help you convert your ideas, skills or expertise, experience etc to a paying business online.

It simply means, internet is a platform to leverage on to make more money from the comfort of your office, house, vacation etc if you care to give it what it takes to do so.

Now back to the headline of the report….

7 Reason Many Nigerians May Never Make A Living On The Internet.

There are over 101 plus reasons many Nigerians may never make a living and live their dream life doing internet business. But I will limit my focus to 7 basic reason Nigerians (even you my reader) may not make a living on the internet.

Let’s get started with the discussion…

Fear and doubt: Many people will never make a dime doing internet business simply because of fear and doubt. They fear losing their money and also doubt the possibility of making money doing business on the internet. They are of the opinion that money making online claims is lies and fads. They so much believe that it is not real neither possible to make money doing business on the internet especially as a Nigerian

Quick money syndrome: Quick money syndrome is the bane of Nigeria internet sphere, one main reason many may never make money from internet is quick money syndrome. And this mindset had made a lot a victim of fraud and scam online investing their hard earned money into online scheme and Ponzi program such as MMM, ecooperative, pyramid, give-help, cycler, network marketing that doesn’t have a proven physical product and all manners on the internet.

Wrong perception: The wrong perception about doing business on the internet is synonymous to yahoo-yahoo, scam, fraud etc. This is one reason many may never make money on the internet. They lack the knowledge of the fact that internet is a platform or marketplace where you can trade your ideas, skills/expertise, experience, products/services for money. It is now left to you to choose to be a scam/fraud doing business on the internet.

Don’t forget that even in our contemporary brick and mortal marketplace there are lots of scammers and fraud out there.

Identifying right internet business model and mentor

Not everything that promises monetary returns on the internet is an internet business. Also, not everyone that showcase money making ideas or proofs is qualify to be a right mentor. There are lots of scam, fraud and crooked people on the internet claiming to be a tutor or mentor.

Genuine internet business model involves;

  • Locating a problem to solve with a product/service
  • Locating people with the problem, that is desperate for solution and money to pay for such solution.
  • Provide a solution to the problem in form of digital or physical product/service
  • Reach out to your audience via a viable marketing funnel or process.
  • Sell your solution in exchange for their money.

Right internet business model simply involve buying and selling of solution providing products/services which could be packaged in a digital or physical form. We have over 101 internet business models that anyone can do. But considering Nigeria internet space, practicability and possibility I will be recommending these six (6) business models below:

i. Mini importation/ecommerce business***
ii. Affiliate marketing***
iii. Information marketing***
iv. Niche blogging***
v. Network marketing***
vi. Bulksms & mobile marketing

I am recommending the above business models base on my experience and practice of over 5 year. You can start making money doing it within your first 3-30 days of business setup.

Failure to take responsibility: Anyone that would not take responsibility will never taste success making money doing internet business. There are many people out there, that want to really make money doing business online but not ready to pay the monetary price for a good training that will keep put money in their bank account forever. They always complain of how they would have started but don’t have money. Yet they have money to buy expensive phones, they can also look for money by all means to pay school fee of school that will offer them academic certificate that does not guaranty employment or regular monthly income after graduation.

There is nothing wrong going to school and paying school fee but when you see good information that will change your life for better you need to take responsibility of paying the monetary price of such information or training guide. Instead of looking for free training guide, make up your mind to pay the price ( it may be N5000, N10000, N15000 or more) the value you will get from any good internet business training guide cannot be quantified financially if you will take time to implement what you will learn from the guide just like the one in 3in1 millionaires maker.

In fact virtually all internet money making businesses are not taught in any university. We are only taught how to pass and have a good grade then get a good paying job in schools out there.

Please take full responsibility; good training guide will never be free. There is no free launch anywhere, even in Freetown. If there is any, someone somewhere had paid for it. Invest into your future, don’t be a mediocre always looking for how to get things done free.

The poverty of the poor is their failure to part with the little money in their hand”.

Laziness: Many Nigerians youth are just too lazy so say by President Muhammadu Buhari. Just too lazy to sit down to learn and implement a new idea or skill that will keep paying them at will. All they are looking for “do nothing get something”. In life there is nothing like that, your output is always determine by your input in a right direction or things.

There is no food for a lazy man, woman inclusive.

They are lazy to read good books, listen or watch informative/educating (audio/video clip). Even those that read, listen or watch (audio/video) are so lazy to sit down and implement the idea. And that is the reason for “do for me” scheme on the internet that always leads to being scammed or defraud.

See a man diligent with his work, he will stand before kings but not mere man.

Make a resolution to sit down to implement that thing you had learnt, it will surprise you how it will pay your bills.

Entitlement mentality: This is a mentality of failure about to happen anytime from now. Let me start by saying you’re not entitle to anything in life either from God, Parents, Friends, Husband/Wife, Government, Society etc. But you may be privilege to receive from the above list by a good disposition and mindset to life.

Entitlement mentality is the reason many don’t appreciate what they already have. They are blind to look inward to what they can make out of the privilege they are enjoying at the moment. They don’t take responsibility; they blame everybody for their woes.

As a matter of fact, everything God will ever give you will always be in raw form and it is your duty to process it to your desire finished products.

Riches and wealth is entrusted, you’re not entitle.

Political position or career success is not an entitlement but a privilege. That is why someone could be a President or Governor yesterday but today is a common citizen with no security envoy. Why? Every position in life is a privilege; you’re not entitle to it.

So, if you must successfully make a living doing internet business you have to do away with entitlement mentality that may hinder you from getting the best from your potential mentor(s).

Mentors are people who had gone ahead of you in any internet business model you desire to learn and do. They (mentors) are entitled to decide the price of their training product/guide at whatever price they deem fit for such product. It is not your business to say it is too costly, all you need to do is to politely ask for discount without being naughty if available and possible.

Why? Real and sincere mentors are scarce, if you have one respect him/her.

My personal slogan has always being: Internet is loaded with FORTUNE go for it today.

The revenue that can be generated from ecommerce business model alone is over $50billion annually. Whereas, we are yet to exploit 1% of economical fortune Nigeria internet space.

Friend, it is highly possible for anybody to make a living from the internet space here in Nigeria without being fraudulent or scam doing legitimate internet business ranging from ecommerce, affiliate marketing, information marketing, niche blogging, network marketing, app development, website design, graphic designer, social media consultant etc from the comfort of your house either as side business or full time.

Nigeria internet business space is too loaded for you to ignore. Remember, every industry, transaction, business, operation and lot more are now moving to internet platform for just too many good reasons I may not start mentioning in this report.

Learn from jumia, konga, uber, taxify, bank industry, education/examination registration.

I so much believe in the fortune potential anybody can benefit from with genuine internet business model. I know it, I do and practice it and I take pleasure in teaching it to as many that care to learn from me via some of my internet training package such as

Mini importation/ecommerce .

Affiliate marketing

Niche blogging

Information marketing
Niche blogging
Network marketing
Online freelance business
Forex Trading etc

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