What does your daily income look like?

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I started my internet business adventure fully since 2013 i can tell you what works and what is not.

You might have bite or burnt your fingers trying all manners of internet business opportunities such as football betting, fixed odd, ponzi scheme, MMM, network marketing that has no product, ecooperative, such as helping hand, cycler, loom etc.

The above and many more that time may not permit me to mention are not business but opportunity or scheme.

They are not business, because you’re not always in control of what will happen to your input into the opportunity. You are not always 70% sure of your potential income from your commitment to the business in question.

I have also discovered that you must have a daily small achievable income to emerge a 6-7 figure monthly income earner. And this can be achievable by being an entrepreneur, i mean someone that offer something to sell to his immediate environs and beyond.

Do you know that N6,000 daily income equals N144,000 in 24-day

An adage say “Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean”

In trading/selling there is what is called daily turn over that amount to real income/profit of any business or venture. If you have daily profit turn over of N100,000 that will amount to average of N2.4m at the end of the month as an entrepreneur selling digital or physical products

N1million monthly income is possible with viable hot selling product on the internet or offline. Digital or physical products. As a newbie, 6 figure monthly income ranges from N100,000 to N999,999 it is now left to you to determine your income threshold within this range.

For instance;

i. N6,000 consistent daily income will guaranty you making N144,000 monthly this excluding Sunday.

ii. N10,000 consistent daily income will guaranty you making N240,000 monthly this excluding Sunday.

iii. N15,000 consistent daily income will guaranty you making N360,000 monthly this excluding Sunday.

iv. N35,000 consistent daily income will guaranty you making N840,000 monthly this excluding Sunday.

v. And if you can manage to average N50,000 weekly you will be making N200,000 monthly either week-days or weekend. In fact some weekend i made as much as N20,000 to close or start the week.

The above and more is achievable with a proper mindset and readiness to workout the process to achieve any of these income goals.

Your monthly income target should be the factor that will determine your daily income. But you need to know that your earnings increase by your level of learning.

If you have 2 income source on the internet that can pay you daily average of N20,000 that will amount to about N480,000 monthly. And you work hard to scale it higher to about N50,000 daily which is possible that will be N1.2million monthly.

Don’t say it not possible my friend.

As a salary earner, have you ever take your time to divide your monthly income by the total number of your working days in the month.

Let’s look at the scenarios below

Scenario 1:

If you earn N100,000 monthly, your daily income is simply N5,000 on average of 20 working day if you don’t go to work on  Saturdays/Sundays, working 8am-5pm and above sometime.

Scenario 2:

If you earn N50,000 monthly, your daily income is simply N2,500 on average of 20 working day if you don’t go to work on Saturdays/Sundays, working 8am-5pm and above sometime.

Scenario 3: (proposed minimum wage)

If you earn N30,000 monthly the proposed minimum wage, your daily income is simply N1,500 on average of 20 working day if you don’t go to work on Saturdays/Sundays, working 8am-5pm and above sometime.

Scenario 4: (body & soul must live salary)

If you earn between N15k and N25k monthly, your average daily income is simply between N1,250 and N750 on average of 20 working day if you don’t go to work on Saturdays/Sunday, working 8am-5pm and above sometime.

Dear reader….

Please sincerely reflect on the above reality starring at you. Can you see real picture of your daily income?

It is not a sin to start as a salary earner, but it will be a big mistake of your life to solely rely on salary job for sustenance for too long.

It may not be easy, but where there is a will there is always a way. You can decide how much you want to earn daily, weekly and monthly trading/selling digital or physical product using the power of the internet.

The question now is how do i know how to trade or sell digital or physical products on the internet to make 4-6 figure daily.

Point to note:  5-figure simply mean making between N10,000 and N90,000 daily  and 6-figure is making between N100,000 and N999,999 daily.

Hope you get that right?

To achieve 5 figure daily income trading or selling you must know or discover a viable, practicable and
realistic business models and platforms that will position you for profiting as a newbie without wasting
your time and hard earned money.

Every time i have opportunity to recommend online business that any newbie can start with and make regular daily income within 10-30 days of such business setup.

I always recommend my no-fail ever-green internet business models that can be done by anybody from the comfort of their house no matter their age, gender, language, status or location etc.

What are these 2 evergreen internet business?

The business models has to do with
i. Trading: Buying and selling physical product without physical shop. This is purely mini importation/ecommerce business

ii. Marketing & selling: Selling of digital products. This is purely affiliate marketing or information marketing

To be more specific about the above business models
a. Mini importation/ecommerce business: How to make 6-7 figure monthly importing and reselling problem solving peculiar physical products from China or else where using internet and ecommerce platforms for marketing.

b. Affiliate marketing business: If you want to start making money in the next 72-hour from
the comfort of your room consider affiliate marketing. It is act of promoting other people products online
(digital/physical) online to get a commission whenever a sale is made through your special promotion link.

There are other internet business models that guaranty consistent daily income of 5 figure which includes:
Information marketing (sell your skill)
Niche blogging (content blogging to bank)
Smart network marketing (MLM)
Forex trading (trading in global currency)
Online freelance (offering your skill/expertise for sell in exchange for pay online)

But the item i-iii from above may take you at least 30-60 day to properly learn, setup and implement the business before you start making daily income from it but they are worth going for in the nearest future after you might have established your mini importation and affiliate marketing business.

Doing any of the above recommended internet business models mini importartion/ecommerce or affiliate marketing require proper training/mentorship to profitably thrive in it.

You too can join the growing list of people that want to increase their daily income doing side business alongside their paid job or you want to go full time doing internet business from the comfort of your house. Then consider doing any of these two business models or the two side by side.

I mean my 2 basic ever-green business

i. Mini importation/ecommerce turning N40,000 to over N200,000 in the next 60-day and scaling it higher to over N500k monthly in 90-days time.

ii. Affiliate marketing business act of strategically selling other people’s products preferably digital products to make at least N6,000 from a single sale using a proven marketing systems that guaranty your average monthly income of N100,000 plus from a very liable Nigeria affiliate platform.

You can start your adventure into internet business with any of these business models mini importation or affiliate marketing. You can change your present daily income status from meager 3 or 4 figure to a very strong 5 figure doing any of the internet business models i had mentioned above from the comfort of your house anywhere in the world.

The journey of a 1000 mile starts with a step, step out of your comfort zone, step out of your fears
that will not allow you to take informed steps towards achieving your financial goals for the year.

Let me conclude with this statement…

If you can’t fly run,
if you can’t run walk,
if you can’t walk crawl…
Just make sure you are moving
towards your goal by all means

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