2019 is fast approaching and it is finally here with us full of promises, potentials, aspirations and visions to be fulfilled. 2018 is now a history with its antecedents successes and failures that cannot be undo but to move on with life in this year 2019.

There are lots of positive decisions and changes we need to have made in the past years but are elusive or unachieved due to fear, indecision, laziness, procrastination or lack of proper information that could enhance our decision.

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Bible says
“the labour of the fools wearies them because they
                            don’t know the way to the city”

Among other areas where many had failed and they are still failing is how to make good cool money monthly on the internet.

Many people believed that money making on the internet is a mirage or impossible to do. Many still believe that money making on the internet is ungodly and synonymous to yahoo-yahoo (i.e. cyber crime)

For clarification sake…You need to understand that internet is just a platform to carry out your legitimate business activities doing it online to reach more people for patronage and business transaction.

For instance…

Internet had made it possible to do buying and selling beyond our normal bricks and mortar shops. That is what is now called ecommerce today with the likes of konga, jumia, dealdey and other thriving making millions of naira daily.

Again, internet has made it possible to read and spread daily news beyond our geographical boundaries via the hundreds of online news website and social media such, sahara reporter,, thisday, dailypost, etc. Gone are the days you will need to get to vendor stand to read all available newspapers. With internet, you can read virtually all available dailies from your devices.

How about online banking system? Using Apps, mobile codes, POS, ATM etc with the help of the internet platform. Travelling, education, transport, sport and entertainment, commerce etc are sectors of economy that lots of people are daily making fortune using the internet platform.

No wonder….

Bill Gates say and I quote…If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”

So, if you’re still harbouring any negative perceptions about doing business and making good money on the internet on a daily, weekly or monthly basis you need to embrace change. I mean 360 degree change or perception or mentality.

This is the reason many people with potential to make fortune on the internet are still struggling with meager monthly pay cheque here in Nigeria or other part of the world especially Africa nations.

Internet is loaded with FORTUNE tap into it today!

It has been estimated by experts that ecommerce in Nigeria will be worth $47 Billion in 2019.
What a huge revenue from just one internet business. That is just one out of over 100 internet business models that can make you fortune in 2019.

Of course, there is no perfect system in the world; also there is no good platform that bad people will not want to infiltrate. So is internet with scammers, fraudster and impostors. They are everywhere not limited to internet. Even on the Church/Mosque pulpits (fake Pastors, Prophets Alfas, Imam, Sheik etc)

Because we have fake Pastors or Imams would that stop you from going to church or mosque again? NO!

Now back to the main subject of article or report which ever format you’re reading.

How To Make N500k plus Regular Monthly Income On
The Internet In 2019 and Beyond

The topic of discussion on this page a 10-page short report i published on 26th December, 2018 as i was planning for how to help many Nigeria in 2019 to have a real change of mind as regard their perception and mentality to making money on the internet if it is REAL or MIRAGE.
In the Report I revealed 5 online business models you can do to make between N500k – N1Million monthly income from anywhere in Nigeria.
How to get started in the next 24 hour
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