N10million in a month:Mini importation is taking a new dimension

ecom tycoon,  Pat Ogidi, olaidollar,  olaide alim,  Patrick ogidi , Mini importation, ecommerce,  ecom elevation,ecom profit,  joe okoro,segun afolabi, seyi adeleke, seun ogundele,  make money online, how to make money in 2019,  importation business Many Nigerians so much believed that it is not that possible to make it BIG with internet business. And few people that believed doubt the possibility of making it with N10million monthly income in Nigeria internet sphere even doing mini importation business. Simply because of the presence of ecommerce giants like Jumia, konga, dealdey etc. They doubt it as an upcoming entrepreneur, it may be difficult contending with the very competitive ecommerce sphere in Nigeria.

But i have a good news for you that anybody that care to listen can make between N1million to N10million monthly from mini importation/ecommerce business here in Nigeria without minding the existence to those big name in the industry.
Mini importation is becoming more interesting and 21 century goldmine business for a smart entrepreneur that cares to embrace, learn and implement what it take to mine the gold from
mini importation/ecommerce business sphere.
Exactly 2 days ago, i was online attending an online business training (webinar) with my mini importation mentors. 
At the end of the online training, i discovered  that it is possible to make as much as N10million
from mini importation/ecommerce business here in Nigeria no matter your location in this country.
What do i need to make N10million monthly?
You need  to setup a unique profitable business system and watch money rolling to your bank 
account on autopilot.
What is this system?
5 simple but mind blowing result step
i. Find a Hot and unique product
ii. Verify and confirm if the product will sell
here in Nigeria
iii. Search and import the product ( a unique way)
iv. Setup a unique One page ecommerce sales page with 200% conversion tools in place.
v. RUN a very different and unique type of FB advert that is different from what other marketers are running.
vi. Watch BIG profit roll in
I called this system Advance Mini Importation Business
Just because it may look magical or complicated for a newbie. But with readiness to learn you can
grab the idea i a shortest possible time.

The bottom-line is, there is fortune loaded in doing mini importation business if you will give it what it
take to be successful doing it.
Of course Rome was not built in a day. But you have to start anyhow from somewhere….
But you need to start with the basic training of doing this business for you to be able to delve deeper into the advance business system i listed above.
The fact remain, no matter where you’re today and you want to make money on the internet with genuine practicable and applicable business to Nigeria terrain please consider mini importation/ecommerce biz.
It is evergreen business that cannot be exhausted by anybody. The business is just to wide to accommodate as many that are ready to give it all it take to make it big and cool from the comfort of anywhere in Nigeria.
2019 is around the corner, you can make at least N600k to N10million monthly with mini importation.
But you must be ready to give it what it take.
i. Be determined to succeed
ii. Be creative with the business
iii. Be ready to learn more and pay more where necessary (Valuable info are not free)
“It is a poor man mentality, that will make you to look for something that will change your life for better free of charge. Even if it is from your parent. Be responsible, pay the price..
iv. Be ready to learn how to use facebook to your advantage (go for basic facebook
marketing training)
v. Learn basic website/blog setup skill
vi. Connect to people with result you desire
believe and celebrate them.
vi. Be ready to pay the price of implementing the knowledge (i.e. sit down to work, don’t be
With these principles and other in place, 2019 shall be a walk over for you financially doing mini 
importation and ecommerce business
You want to start your adventure into the world of mini importation/ecommerce business with my
3in1 millionaires maker training showing you how to run it like a business that will pay you in
The video was created in 2017 with futuristic approach to mini importation business.
Even at that, i have created 2 different training update that serve as an update to the main training pack.
Just 2-days ago, i created another update of about 3 hour long that will be sent out to all paid
members/students of 3in1 millionaires maker to update their knowledge in area of the business that i
think will boost their productivity.
You too can be part of those that will have access to those training update at no extra cost.
Thanks for reading, you want to discover the secret to how to make it making 6-7 figure monnthly doing mini importation/ecommrce business here in Nigeria.
Simply click the link below to get started now….
Once again….
See you at the TOP
Oludele Atunnise
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