Hit and run, reason for internet business failure.

pat ogidi, akin alabi, toyin omotoso, blogcash university, onome maureen, nairaland, internet business, make money online, internet business, money making, business ideasEvery adventures of life is bound to fail without persistence and consistence on the part of the person involved. As a student, without persistence and consistence on your studies you cannot graduate successfully.
In business, career, vocation even in marriage consistence and persistence is the hallmark of every successful person. You may ask, what is persistence and consistence?

Persistence is the ability to stick with something, vision, idea, project, business, calling/ministry. Or staying power.
Consistence is the quality of being constant, reliable, regular.
If you will ever be successful doing Internet business such as mini importation, blogging, information marketing, social media marketing etc discouragement may set in after you might have done all you know. I need to tell you this, you need to keep trying and twisting your success strategies.
Make changes where necessary. Such as change your Facebook advert image/video, headline, ad-copy, call to action, you can even change your ads objective and target etc.
You may need to try other traffic platforms to market your products/services and brands. Quiting is not the alternative in the face of failure but persistence and consistence do.
pat ogidi, akin alabi, toyin omotoso, blogcash university, onome maureen, nairaland, Otunba Akin Alabi had been consistence and persistence with information marketing and today he is CEO/Founder of first African online betting portal.
Jack Ma was able to found first Asian ecommerce site aliexpress.com that has become a threat to the like of eBay and amazon emerging most visited ecommerce site in the world netting profit in billion dollar annually.
Bishop David Oyedepo of Winner’s Chapel had been persistence and consistence in his calling and ministry, today he is the richest Pastor in the world setting record and breaking the same.
Pat Ogidi is so persistence and consistence with mini importation business that he make millions of naira monthly and he was crowned grand commander of mini importation in Nigeria and Africa at large.
Joe Okoro Nigeria #1 niche blogger. He had been consistent and persistent on using simple blog to sell just anything on the internet ranging from digital product (eBook, video, webinar, training, workshop etc) and physical products (i.e. network products from forever living, kedi, oriflame etc). And today he make average of N3-5million monthly.
pat ogidi, akin alabi, toyin omotoso, blogcash university, onome maureen, nairaland,Linda Ikeji,joe okoro Linda Ikeji Nigeria #1 female entertainment/gossip blogger. Started in 2006 a conventional free gossip blog. With persistence and consistence the same net in over N10million for her monthly through Google AdSense advert, sponsored post and selling advert placement space to individuals and corporate clients paying her handsomely.
How about Toyin Omotoso, Ronald Nzimora, Alim Olaide, Gbolagade Adetunji, Onome Maureen, Segun Afolabi, Seyi Adeleke etc. All these and many other are so consistently and persistently doing their respective internet business model.
If you are not consistent and persistent you can’t go far doing any internet business, be it blogging, affiliate business, mini importation, information marketing and any other internet business even with offline business.
The bottom line of this article is that, if you are not making progress or having result as you wanted, check your persistence and consistence on the project/business/vision. If you are fond of jumping from one business model to another without much result. Trying just every business opportunity that comes your way, you keep dissipating your energy and resources on too many thing at a time. You need to be a specialist in a field/business first before venturing into another. Better still, focus on related business model.
Your failure or success doing any internet business requires your determination to succeed as well as your persistence and consistence doing the needful, the right thing on the business.
“It’s insanity of highest order doing same thing same way, and expecting different result.”
Be persistent, be consistent and be determined with openness to correction where necessary. You will surely succeed in your internet business.
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