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“The secrets of smart Nigeria internet marketers that keeps putting money in their bank accounts daily”

You must have heard about the likes of Akin Alabi, Toyin Omotoso, Pat Ogidi, Joe Okoro, Alim olaide, Afolabi Segun, Gbolagade Adetunji etc

They are all smart Nigeria internet marketers that make an average of 6-7 figure monthly using the system I am about to discuss with you. Please pay rapt attention to this presentation. I will also give access to video and pdf version of this newsletter. In the subsequent days ahead. But for now, you can digest the text format.

5 steps system that guaranteed 6-7 figures monthly income on the internet for anybody

Now join me as I unveil the step to you now.

Step 1: Identify the audience you want to serve
The first step is crucial. If this step is missed, every other step falls flat.

Any serious minded business person, marketers, Pastor, Sheik/Alfas, Doctors, even herbalist. So identify the group of people you are meant to serve and focus on those ones. You should know this too. Jesus was sent to lost sheep of Israelite, Paul was sent to gentiles, Muhammad was sent to people in mecca and medina etc.
As a netpreneur you must identify your audience i.e. know who you want to serve and focus on going after them alone with your products/services.

Step 2: Identify and Understand Their Core Problems

Once you have identified the audience you want to serve, it is now time to identify and understand the pains and frustrations they want to avoid or some core desires that they want to get.

This is talking about meeting the needs of the market niche you have chosen. E.g. money making, health, beauty & wellness, study/travel abroad, dating, relationship & marriage etc. there are thousands of people out there that want their money making problem solve, thousands of Nigeria youth want travel out by all means, many ladies and gent have problem with their relationship/marriage. These are problems awaiting solution, which you can meet according to your chosen audience.

Step 3: Put Together a Message that Resonates With Your Audience

You must be ready to offer free but impactful message to your audience inform of training on a chosen platform. Your platform could be your niche blog, email newsletter, youtube channel, facebook fanpage etc. When this audience listens to what you are offering, they will be attracted to you because it resonates with them. Like I said, this also works in any area of life that you are involved in. E.g. Fuji musician like Wasiu Ayinde, Obesere etc know exactly the type of stuffs that their audience craves and they give it to them. They don’t try to be like King Sunny Ade or Fela Anikulapo. Your audience determines your message.

Step 4: Identify Where and How to Reach Them

This one is key and it still leans on the first step. If you do not know the type of audience you are after, you will be lost trying to find them.  I see a lot of marketers crying about how their Facebook advert is not working and it is because they missed that first crucial step.

A lot of struggling business person out there thinks anyone they see/meet out there is their audience/follower/client. No you need to learn the act of locating your audience where they readily available waiting for you.

If the audience you are after for instance are women who are passionate about their beauty and fashion, you can find them online in places like BellaNaija, Instagram, LindaIkeji (that is the WHERE part). Then simply use something that focuses on their problems and desires (E.g a video on secret make up tricks) to attract them.

Step 5: Share the Message with Them in a Way that is focused on helping them

Finally, once you have been able to attract the people you want, it is time for you to start sharing your valuable information with them in a way that shows that you know what you are talking about and in a way that helps them. But this must be done through a chosen platform such niche blog, forum, email newsletter, facebook fanpage, youtube channel etc.

Once you do this effectively, these people will like, trust and respect you and that is how you build influence and reciprocity.

From here, all you need to do is to recommend any product (either yours or that of someone else) to this audience and they will buy almost anything you have for sale as long as they can afford it.

Simply do the same thing I did.

It is the same thing Otunba Akin Alabi ,Toyin Omotoso, Joe Okoro, Pat Ogidi, Gbolagade Adetunji and the likes did. Which is – Build your own audience of people who will like and trust you. As a result, they will happily spend their money buying your products and that of others that you recommend.

Otunba Akin Alabi did it by building an online forum where he shared valuable information with his audience.

I usually do this by getting my audience to subscribe to an email list where I can communicate with them.

You probably got to this article because you are on my email list. Believe me. This has never failed if you do it right.

What more?
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Thanks for reading this far.
Oludele Atunnise
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