Do you have a Mentor?

Do you have a Mentor? MENTOR is someone you learn from without reservation.
To be successful in live, especially on internet business. You must have someone or people you are following (i.e.mentors). I mean someone or group of people that you believe in their success and you want the same to be duplicated in your life or business. What you need to do?
1. Locate him/her,
2. Celebrate him/her,

3. Respect him/her
4. Always be around him/her.
5. Practice what they do to arrive at success
We all need mentor to succeed in life, else struggle continues. A simple advise from your mentor can save you years of struggles. Your mentor may be someone you are older than or older than you,you will humility in either case to be successful mentored.
Who you follow determine what follows you.
I hereby acknowledge the following people, they have mentored and still mentoring me in one way or the other. Through their newsletter, blog, Information products that i was privilege to buy etc.
Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Bishop David Oyedepo
Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Otunba Akin Alabi
Henry Omenogor (my first internet tutor)
Olaide Alim
Adetunji Gbolagade
Engr Habass Tunde
Afolabi Olasunkanmi Segun
Idris Adeleye
Arewa Lanre
Joe Okoro
Paul Omosekeji
Omotoso Toyin`
Onome Maureen
The bottom line is do you have MENTOR?
You can’t emerge a reference without references.
Think about this, it is new month.
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