Information Marketing: What did the Bible says?

Information Marketing: What did the Bible says?
I am always marvel when people ask information marketers
questions like “why did you sell your report”, “why do you
have to sell your money making secret if it works”, “if you
really want to help give us free”, “let me test it first” etc…

Are you among the people the people that quesry and question why
information marketers like Pat Ogidi, Olaide Alim, Adetunji
Gbolagade, Toyin Omotosho, Denni Nnsong, Nzimora, Adesanya
Sunday, Joe Okoro, Efunkoya Johnson, Donvin Vincent etc respect
to you all.

Do you know that the Bible even support information marketing.You
doubt it? This morning 15th October,2015 at exactly 6.20am while
i was reading my Bible. I stumble on a scripture that hit me like
a thunder bolt. Here I quote:
“He that withholdeth CORN, the people shall curse him,
     but blessing shall be upon the HEAD of him that
     selleth it”

The Bomb shell, the Book of books have spoken.
If you refuse to sell your corn (i.e your tested and realistic
information) it will soon become a curse in your life. What is the
essence of information at your disposal that does not benefit
others except you, you alone. Don’t forget that every stagnant
water stinks and not productive. It doesn’t attract people to
itself, why? Simply because
i.  People can’t use it for domestic purpose such as drinking
    washing,or swimming etc
    ii. It can’t be used for commercial/industrial purpose such fishing,
    transportation etc
    iii. It is deadly
    iv.  The best that can survive in a stagnant water is tadpoles and
When you sell a viable, realistic and practicable information
you are in turn blessed while blessing others far and near and
rescue someone from confusion, errors, mistake and poverty etc.

Go ahead and sell it, it is biblical. don’t mind the lazy
people that are not ready to pay any price to be successful in
life. They couldn’t pay the price of personal research, they
still find it difficult paying people that have research
and ready give to give/sell it at a token.

The fact that you are paying school fee to acquire information
that does not translate you to your desire financial status but
only put in your hand common certificate that guaranteed job or
give you your desire financial freedom that some of the information
marketers products that guaranteed financial freedom
struggle-free. All you need is to be dedicated, committed and work
smart from the comfort of your room/office. Think on this quote
If the way many graduates/undergraduates are eager to
     and struggle to pay tuition fees, they are eager and
     ready to do so for any realistic life changing
     information from information marketers around us
     our lives and nation will be better for it

In conclusion, I will like to acknowledge the likes of Pat Ogidi,
Adetunji Gbolagade, Alim Olaide, Omotosho Toyin, Joe Okoro, and
many more that I may not mention here.
They research and sell quality, realistic, practicable
and life changing information. I always draw inspiration from
their activities and email newsletters. You are great mind!

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