Dec 14

Are You Still In Doubt Of Genuine Make Money Internet Business?

Wrong Perspectives 
Many people don’t believe that you can legitimately make money on the internet. Some believed that money making on the Internet is a myth or better still you must be engaging in a Ponzi scheme or doing internet fraud (yahoo-yahoo). For some idea of genuine internet business that guaranteed regular income having burnt their finger loosing their hard earned money to ponzi scheme, crowdfunding, MMM etc that does not exist or guaranteed continuous regular income.

The good news is that you can do internet business making 6-7 figures monthly from the comfort of your house no matter your location in Nigeria.

You need to change you mentality….

Money making on the internet is a function of the type of internet business model you engage in. We have 100 internet business model that guaranty your regular monthly pay, but you need to know the one that is applicable and practicable to Nigeria marketplace. There business model that doesn’t apply to Naija market else you will be wasting your time without profit to show. Not only that, the following conditions must be considered before starting any online business.

Conditions required before starting an online Business

  1. Start up capital
  2. Techie knowledge acquisition
  3. Ready made market/customers volume
  4. Certainty of patronage & profit making withing 30 days
  5. Scalability & expansion
  6. 200-500% and above return on investment monthly or annually
  7. Evergreen business nature
  8. And lot more…

Examples of online business model

Affiliate marketing
Website design/development
Domain name/web hosting
Bulk SMS
Information marketing
Online survey
Forex/binary option trading
App development
Copy writing
Software development
Social/digital marketing
Ecommerce/mini importation
Graphics design/branding
Multilevel marketing mlm
Conventional blogging
Niche blogging for professionals and non professionals
Freelance such as Fiverr, gigbuck, upwork etc
And lots more…..

What to considered as a Newbie before venturing to online business

As a newbie when starting an online business, you need to consider the basic requirement and characteristics of the business model before your dive into it. Let the table below be a guiding principle of choosing an internet business model that guarantees result in shortest period you can imagine doing it.

Business Model Vs Business characteristics

Business Models                                    Business Characteristics
Business Models Startup capital Techie knowledge Readymade market volume expandability Return on investment
Domain name & web hosting Average startup capital of at least $100 Highly required High in demand but not immediate Can be expanded but highly demanding 50 -150% annual returns
Freelance Job Very Low  startup

$0 except your time and internet data

Low techies knowledge High in demand but highly competitive with lot of stress There is limitation to job offering. 20-100% monthly returns
Affiliate marketing Average  startup capital of at least $50


Above average techie knowledge in blogging, traffic, promotion etc It is limited to a niche marketing You can expand but very demanding 50-150% annual returns
Information marketing Average startup capital of at $100 Highly techie knowledge such email marketing, traffic, blog/website design, graphic design, and other premium subscription service such autoresponder domain name and hosting etc Highly demand and highly profitable  market You can expand to other niche yet untouched. But very demanding 200-500% monthly return but not automatic from unset.
Ecommerce/mini importation business Low startup capital of $35 (N15000) No techie knowledge require except normal browsing knowledge Highly voluminous, volatile and profitable market You can expand your product, your niche and your selling platforms 100-1000% daily, weekly or monthly return. All depends on your niche and your marketing platform.

Introducing e-commerce, millionaires maker business
Form the above table, I always recommend ecommerce/mini importation business for just anybody that is new and want result that he/she can build upon within 30 days and thereby scaling it higher and diversify into other profiting online business learn the ridument combined with previous experience from ecommerce biz.


Reason you need to consider doing ecommerce business

  1. 1. Low start up capital (it is cheap to start)
  2. It require little or no techie knowledge to start
  3. You can operate it from anywhere
  4. It guaranteed over 3001000% return on investment
  5. It is scalable & expandable
  6. It is evergreen business of ages
  7. High continuous market demand & customer volume
  8. You can do it part time/full time
  9. Just anybody can do it( old or young, men or women)
  10. No 1 Millionaires maker business

Ecommerce business is second to oil and gas industry. The same business model that made Africa  richest man “Dangote” who he is today. The same business model leveraged on by the likes of Jumia, konga, dealdey, ileoja, mysuredeal etc making hundred of million from it monthly.

What is ecommerce?

– Simply means act of buying and selling meeting the immediate and urgent need of people with a  problem solving products using the internet platform to reach your potential customers without seeing/meeting them delivering your product and collect your money without leaving the comfort of your house or office 24\7 and 365.

What you must consider doing a successful ecommerce business

  1. Product types/identification system (i.e. it must be a problem solving products)
  2. Product outsourcing system (local/international)
  3. Selling platforms system
  4. Online marketing system
  5. Quick/speed delivery system
  6. Prompt proceed remittance/payment system

If all the above system are properly follow and apply, you will be on the way to making 6-7 figure monthly doing ecommerce/mini importation business.
Every business requires some form of training and diligent work to have result so is ecommerce/mini importation business. It is not for lazy ass, your must be determined, focused, creative, ready  to learn and re-learn and be positive about your business that you can make it to your desire daily income from the business. With all these in mind your success is guaranteed within a short period of time.

That is why I have created a 6-days FREE Mentorship home training via your email inform of video. And regular email newsletter on how to be a successful doing ecommerce/mini importation business. If you will like to join the free mentorship class today, and receive my regular ecommerce business tips in your email. Please click the link below to register and kick start the training now.

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Mar 22

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Jul 16

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