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Discover 5-EVERGREEN Internet Business Models That You Can Profitably Engage In  2019 Here In Nigeria That Guaranty Average Of N200,000 Monthly Income For Anybody.

Dear friend,
I know you are here on this page because you are determined for a real change in your financial status and ready to make progress in your financial life. And that is the main reason behind 2019 Income Race with Oludele Atunnise.

What is 2019 Income Race?

2019 income race is all about how to legitmately make money on the internet in the year 2019 and beyond engaging the evergreen internet business models that guaranty regular monthly income of over N200, 000 for a newbie or upcoming internet marketer that want to make more money with a new twist if properly setup and implemented. But this will require some form of proper information and training. 

Knowing what to do and doing it is what guaranty success in life and destiny.

There is over 100 plus internet business models that guaranty regular monthly income. But I will limit my list to few ones that is practicable and applicable to Nigeria terrain and the ones that I know that will start paying you within the space of 10-90 day of learning and implementation. Not only that; they are genuine, practicable and applicable to Nigeria market. What more, they are evergreen internet business models. I will mention and explain each business concept and also providing you with tips on how to get started with any of the business model right away.

My duty is to provide the information on each business model, the profit potentials, what it entails on your part to get started right now.

2019 Income Race is basically meant for people who are tired of their present income status and ready to pay the price of investing into premium training, seminar or workshop that will enhance their earning capacity. It simply meant for those that are ready to make more money, but also ready to spend more money for training and implementation of the kowledge acquired via the training.

Let's get started....if you’re ready.

Below are the evergreen internet business you may consider doing in 2019. Subscribing to the training package, study and implement whatever you learn from it and start counting your blessing seen your income climbing up and scaling it higher as occassion demands. I will only limit the business models to five due to fact that you can start having desire income result within the space of 10 - 90 days from now. Only if you do the needful and the needful is to subscribe to training plan of an internet business of interest, study the training package and implement it according to instructions.


Please watch each business model video presentation for better undersatnding of what it has to offer you.


#1 Affiliate Marketing: If you want to make real money within 7-day from now, you should consider starting affiliate marketing. All you need to do now is to locate an affiliate platform that have collection of hot selling products (digital products preferable) with high commission on each sales made. We havae JVzoo, amazon, clickbank, ebay and other affiliate platforms that pay their affiliate for sales made through their promotion link. But i will advise you join Nigeria affiliate platform that sell digital product with good and high commission per sales made. I recommend Expertnaire, why? Because they pay as high as between N6,000 to N15,000 as commission on each sale you made through your affiliate link you promote. You can start making at least extra N200k or more monthly even weekly from affiliate marketing with expertnaire. But you will need to undergo a proper training on how to successfully setup a profitable affiliate marketing campaign using Facebook and email marketing to coast home at least N200k monthly doing this.

What is affiliate marketing?  It is act of promoting other peoples' products online (digital/physical) online to get a commission whenever a sale is made through your promotion link. But you will need to have the following ready if you must get started immediately crushing it with affiliate marketing.

You need to learn the business curves to succeed doing it.
There is always a people that has achieved whatsoever goal you may want to achieve in life. It is wisdom to learn from them for you arrive at your desire result faster and quicker than expected only if you will pay the price of learning from their wealth of knowledge and experience in the that endeavour. That is why i have the confidence to recommend Joe Okoro home training Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire

Joe Okoro is a 7-figure income earner from affiliate marketing, making an average of N500k from affiliate marketing with expertnaire in 12-days with a tested and proven marketing method that can be duplicated by just anybody that care to learn from him.

Minimum Start-up capital: N40,000 

Breakdown on startup capital 
·Affiliate Marketing with Expertnaire training pack by Joe Okoro (N12,000) 
·Expertnaire Affiliate membership fee (N10,000) 
·Domain name & Hosting N4,000 for 1 year 
·Getresponse auto responder (free 30day trial & N6,600/mth later) 
·Facebook Ad budget (N6,500) 
Business setup tools
·Stunning sales Webpage design software free (worth N37,000) 
·Facebook marketing video free (worth  N10,000) ·Newbie affiliate referral video free (worth N10,000) 
·And lots more

Click the blue button below to join affiliate marketing business race now to learn directly from Joe Okoro wealth of knowledge on affiliate marketing that netted him over N700k in 12-days in Nov/Dec 2018.


#2 Mini Importation/Ecommerce: This is one of the evergreen online money making business model that guaranty continuous regular income till eternity for anybody, from anywhere who has an email address, a Facebook plus instagram account and a small startup capital to start a mega profitable mini-importation & ecommerce business. Ecommerce is a millionaire maker business model that guarantee at least N200k monthly as a newbie if proper setup with a good mentorship or training. 

What is mini importation/ecommerce?
Ecommerce simply means act of buying and selling meeting the immediate and urgent need of people with a  problem solving products using the internet platform to reach your otential customers without seeing/meeting them delivering your product and collect your money without leaving the comfort of your house or office 24/7 and 365.

Like any other internet business model you need a proper training to learn the nitty-gritty of how start and setup a profitable online ecommerce business from anywhere you may be in the world. in as much there is internet connection.
You too can start today with a small startup capital of between N40k - N50k and turn it to over 200k in the next 30-60day. 

For your information, i started mini importation in the year 2012 with N5000 but today i can say i have turn it to over N2million despite some challenges on the way. I still have a success story to tell.
Mini importation/ecommerce is a millionaire maker which had made the like of Pat Ogidi, Olaide Alim, Efunkoya Johnson, Segun Afolabi... the list is endless. You too can join the list so soon only if you embrace the training plan that can make you the next millionaire in the making like the one Here.

Below is what it entails to start ecommerce business now as a newbie here in Nigeria.

Minimum Start-up capital: N45,000

Breakdown on startup capital 
·Training pack N15,000 
·Buying/shipping at least 20 Hot Products N20,000 
·Domain & Hosting N4,000 for 1 year 
·Facebook Advert budget N6,000 plus 
Business setup tools
i. Facebook marketing video free (worth N15,000) 

ii. Webpage design software free (worth N37,000) 

iii. Plugins and success tool free (N25,000) 

You want to start your mini importation/
ecommerce business in the next 72 hour? You can get started with my home training package called 3in1 millionaire maker. To grab it at the discount price today, click the Red button below to join ecommerce business race now.



#3 Niche blogging (Blogging to bank): This has to do with ability to use content blog to sell just anything on the internet making 5-7 figure monthly income from your blog. This is not entertainment and gossip kind of blog like that of linda ikeji, punchng, or complete sport. It will take you at least 3-6 month to start making money from such blogging method and your income may range from between $20 - $100 after you must have spent a lot on traffic and seo.

But I am talking about solution providing blogging type. Where you focus on any internet business niche such as: 
-Health and beauty 
-Money making and business 
-Marriage and relationship 
-Child training 
-Travel and study abroad and lot more.. 

ways To make money from your Blog 

i. Sell Affiliate Products 
ii. Sell your own physical products 
iii. Sell advertising space 
iv. Place google adsense on it 
v. Sell Sponsored Blog posts 
vi. Sell consulting or coaching 
vii. Sell online courses 
viii. Sell your own information products & ebooks ix. Sell a monthly subscription 
x. Sell product reviews 

Here is what it entails to start a profitable niche blogging (value added blog) now as a newbie here in Nigeria.

Business model: NICHE BLOGGING 
Minimum Start-up capital: N50,000 

Breakdown on startup capital 
· Training pack N30,000 OR N15,000
· Domain & Hosting  N4,000 
· Facebook Ads marketing budget N10,000 
· Others N6,000 

If you really want to learn how to make real money with blogging from where you're click the brown button below to Join Niche Blogging Business Race now enroll and for your mentorship class with my niche blogging mentor now.


#4 Information marketing (sell your skill): How to convert your hobby, passion, expertise or knowledge into passive income streams for Life using combination of internet marketing strategies that work anytime, anywhere for anybody. 

What is information marketing?
Information marketing is the process of creating, promoting and selling digital products which help to solve a common problem within a specific niche or "topic". These products are often created in the form of e-books, video training courses, software, live coaching programs, audio interviews and more.
For example: 

i. How to make extra income trading forex 
ii. How to decide the sex of your baby 
iii. How to cure infertility in 60-days with Nigerian Diets
iv. How to lose excess weight or burn belly fat in 30-day
And lot more 

These and many more are life challenges that many people are looking for solution to and ready to pay for it. And if you can package the solution in form of information deliverable in a digital format you will make a lot of money selling your knowledge.

Have you imagine the school paid while you are in University, the fee was paid for information in form of different lectures all through your stay on campus.  Any education system is a form of information marketing center. Selling the brain of the lecturers to you in exchange for the school fee you pay.

Information marketing is a form of sell your brain business (ideas, knowledge, expertise, hobby etc) to make money from people who needs the information. You can sell your brain to make millions of naira daily, weekly and monthly.

But there is a roadmap training to know how to sell your brain, i mean how to convert your skill to money without stress from the comfort of your room. That is simply called information marketing.

You need to be training on the nitty-gritty of how to setup an information marketing empire doing 6-7 figure monthly from the comfort of your room.

Below is what it entails to start information marketing empire now as a newbie here in Nigeria.

Minimum Start-up capital: N40,000 

Breakdown on startup capital 
·Training pack N30,000 
·Domain & Hosting N4,000 
·Getresponse auto responder (free 30day trial and N6,600/mth later) 
·Facebook Ads budget from N6,000 and above 

Want to join? Click the green button below to join information marketing business race. Or you request for 1-On-1 training plan via email or my phone contact .


#5 Network marketing (MLM): Network marketing is related to affiliate marketing but it has to do with selling physical products for commission, direct sales profiting and other incentives from the marketing company. I am not talking about network marketing that does not have a proven physical product. 
But I am talking about network marketing of the likes of AIM global, Kedi, Forever Living, Green world, Longrich etc. Practically i will be leveraging on AIM Global products using the power of internet (i.e. facebook, blog, email and marketing) to sell tons of their products without leaving the comfort of my home here in Ibadan. 

You want to know more about this, watch out for an update about how you can join this millionaire business from anywhere in the world. But to get started you will need to prepare for what it take to be part of this business model. 

Below is what it entails to start AIM Global Network Marketing here in Nigeria.

Minimum Start-up capital: N53,000 or N83,000 

Breakdown on startup capital 
·Membership registration (N38,000 or N70,000) 
·Domain & hosting    N4000 for 1 year 
·Facebook advert budget N10,000 
·Getresponse autoresponder (free 30day trial and N6,000/mth later) 

Business setup tools
i. Marketing strategy without struggle training free (worth N20,000) 
ii. Webpage design software free (worth N37,000) 
iii. And lots more

Want to join? Click the purple button below to join Aim Global Millionaire Network Marketing Business. Or you request for 1-On-1 training plan via email or my phone contact . I will send update about this in my subsequent emails to you, so watch out.

Nigeria internet sphere in 2019 and years ahead is truly loaded with potentials and fortunes yet untapped but you must take responsibility to position yourself for the fortune load on the internet for Nigerians that are smart and sensitive enough to see the gold mine on the internet sphere.

What you don’t want, you don’t watch. You must initiate a workable system and take an informed step at arriving at your desire financial destination. The journey of a 1000 mile starts with a step. Go and start now, you can’t tell how far you can go. Learning and implementing any of the above internet business models can make you financially comfortable paying yourself 6-7 figure monthly income.

I wish you the best of 2019 and beyond doing internet business and making unlimited monthly income getting stronger and better by the day. 

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